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Hindu Stories

Surprising Myths About Amavasya
In Hindu mythology there are several myths about moon. Even amavasya or no moon has a mythological explanation behind it. Somdev or Chandra dev is the God of the moon according to Hindu mythology. He is shown riding a chariot pulled ...
Amavasya Hindu Mythology

Hindu God Money
Hindu Gods Of Money
Considered as the world's oldest organized religion Hinduism has over a million Gods to be worshiped. Quite unlike other religions it does not have a founder. No one can trace its origin. Being the third largest religion in the world, it ...
The Self Is The Self Of All-Hindu Story on Jada Bharata
The self is the essence of all that is created. Read a short Hindu story on Jada Bharata which, conveys this spiritual truth.The essence of one's own self is the essence of all. A short Hindu story reflects the truth. Jada ...
The Self
Self Realisation Short Story
Self Realisation With Practise-A Short Hindu Story
Self realisation can happen only with practise. This short story reveals the truth.A disciple once approached his Guru and said that he did not find any progress despite devoting his time to meditation.The Guru pointed out that he had not been ...
To Be Angry On The Outside-A Short Story
Is it always good to control anger? Read a short Hindu story.A Sadhu or an ascetic was passing by a bush. Suddenly he stopped on his track, when a snake emerged from the bush with a show of fierceness as if ...
To Be Angry
Equanimity Short Story 200711 Aid
Equanimity Of Mind With Inner Poise-Short Story
Equanimity is the inner condition of a person of wisdom. A short Hindu story reveals the truth.Once King Janaka's palace caught fire. King Janaka was a man of the highest wisdom. He was a man of inner poise. King Janaka witnessed ...
Highest Wisdom In A Nutshell-A short story
A short Hindu story in 'Yoga Vasishta' portrays the highest wisdom in a nutshell.King Mahabali, tired of living a kingly life, sought to attain Jnana or wisdom. He hence sought the help of Sukracharya, his Guru to attain Jnana.King Mahabali anticipated ...
Highest Wisdom Short Story 190711 Aid
Next Life Stories Of Wisdom 180711 Aid
Fruitless For Next Life-Stories Of Wisdom
Stories of wisdom aids in awakening one to the truth of life.A selfish rich man, who spent most of his time in amassing wealth, once sat outside his house. He sat relaxing with a stick in his hand, when a poor ...
Holy Rivers In India One Must Visit!
India, rich in culture and tradition is widely known as the 'Spiritual Center of the world'. It is here, on our motherland , India, where great masters like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharshi, Swami Vivekananda, Osho have emerged. The spiritual essence of ...
Holy Rivers India Homage 200511 Aid
The Endless Maze Of Desires Osho Story
The Endless Maze Of Desires-Osho Story
Desires do not die with fulfillment. A short story by Osho reveals the truth.A devotee once prayed to Lord Siva devoutly for years. One day the Lord appeared before him and offered him the choice of three boons. The devotee ...
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