Highest Wisdom In A Nutshell-A short story

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A short Hindu story in 'Yoga Vasishta' portrays the highest wisdom in a nutshell.

King Mahabali, tired of living a kingly life, sought to attain Jnana or wisdom. He hence sought the help of Sukracharya, his Guru to attain Jnana.

King Mahabali anticipated that Sukracharya would ask him to leave his kingdom and retire to the forest to seek wisdom.

Sukracharya who was in a hurry to attend a meeting with the Gods, said “I am the self, you are the self and all is the self"

He said, “This is all you require to keep in mind. Nothing else is required. I cannot impart any lenghty teaching today as I am in a hurry. By the way, no lenghty teaching is required!"

Sukracharya further added, “If you can hold on to the truth 'I' am self,' you need not have to undergo any elaborate teachings. This is the highest wisdom!"

Wisdom in a nutshell indeed, revealing oneness, the ultimate truth.

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