Strangest Funerals You Can Ever Imagine!

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Death is something that cannot be avoided. Lucky are those who live their life to the fullest and not have a tragic end.

Today, we are here to share some of the strangest funerals that one can ever imagine or think of. These funerals are a way to show the world that they would be remembered forever.

These days, cremating your loved one in a fun way has become a latest trend. This way, it helps the family mourn less and remember how loving and caring their lost family member was.

Funeral homes are making good money from designing the funerals of people by doing something unique for the person who is dead by bringing unique ideas related to their game or profession.

From gamblers to ambulance drivers or a rapper, this article shares all the unique ways of funerals the world has witnessed. Read on to know more about these unique funerals. We bet, you might want to be buried like this!

Christopher Rivera Amora

What a better way to have a send off, which was totally dedicated to the boxer's profession that he loved the most. Christopher Rivera Amora was murdered by being shot dead. He was dressed with gloves and head bowed, which is a typical sign in the ring.

Chadil Deffy

A grief-struck bridegroom married his dead bride when she was killed in a car accident. The bride named Chadil Deffy was buried in her wedding gown. Alas, he truly loved her!

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Edgardo Velazquez

He loved his work and helped patients to arrive at the hospitals. Edgardo Velazquez was dressed in his uniform and made to sit in his own ambulance before he was cremated.

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David Morales

He was a 22-year-old motorbike lover and what a way to pay him his last tribute by burying him along with his super bike. He never wanted a traditional casket, so what better way to pay him a tribute. His body was displayed on his bike for 3 long days.

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Angel Pantoja Medina

This 24-year-old man named Angel Pantoja Medina was shot dead before being thrown into a river. His mother wanted to do something unique for her son for the last time, so she dressed him as a rapper and put on his favourite cap. It was a way to show the world that he was happy standing!

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Billy Standley

This man from Ohio was buried along with his Harley Davidson. This was apparently his final wish before he died. He died at the age of 82 years due to lung cancer.

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Jesus Diaz Beato

This 24-year-old man was shot 15 times and hence he succumbed to his injuries. The family wanted to give him a unique send off by planning his funeral by making him sit on a chair and looking calm. It never looked like a funeral, as he looked like a man who was still alive and gazing at the people around him.

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