5 Best Good Luck Plants For Your Home

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Good luck plants are an interesting new trend for your home decor and your garden. Lucky plants are supposed to bring good fortune. Earlier these good luck charms for homes was a local or at best regional trends. Every courtyard would have a Tulsi plant to bring forth auspicious energy into the house But now, we have an information explosion on the internet and with the world so well connected, good luck plants have become more of a global trend. You enter any average Indian home and you will see the famous lucky bamboo plants.

It is interesting to note which are the most kept indoor house plants that are considered lucky plants globally and why. Here is a list of 5 plants that are considered lucky worldwide.

1. The Lucky Bamboo Plants: These good luck for home plant is Chinese in origin and like things 'made in China' have become a rage in India. It has become a household name and is considered great Feng Shui for homes. The lucky bamboo plant is basically a bundle of four green bamboo shoots tied together with a red ribbon. It stands for solidarity and oneness in the family. As a good luck plant it is supposed to keep the family together and the fact that makes exotic decoration is an added bonus.

2. The Four Leaf Clover: This famously lucky plants hail from the U.S. They are tiny clover plants that miraculously have just four leaf. It scientifically a mutant variety of the normal clover that is exceptionally rare. The references to this good luck for home plant hark back to the seventeenth century when it was said that if you accidentally find a four leaf Clover then something good is about to happen to you.

3. The Tulsi or The Holy Basil Plant: This plant has mythological and religious significance for the Hindus. It plant is considered the wife of Lord Krishna and there 'pure'. Its leaves can be used to purify anything be it food, clothes etc and it otherwise used in offering prayers. It is supposed to purify the home of negative energy.

4. The Snake Plant: Ironically, this plant is also know as the Mother-in-law plant. It has been scientifically proven that this good luck plant absorbs certain poisonous gases in the air. It exudes water vapors in large quantities to give natural humidity to its surroundings. Thus, in extremely dry climates like Delhi this is good luck plant to have at home. So other than 'luck' it brinks good health to you.

5. The Money Plant: One of the oldest members of the lucky plants fraternity, they are grown in a water medium like a jug of water. These plants are abundantly available and grow very quickly. A common mistake people make is to hang money plants from a height as they are beautiful creepers. The shoot of a money plant must always point upwards and only the it brings wealth to the house.

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