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Home Decor

As we spend most of our lives at home, it needs to be well made. Under home decor we give you simple tips that can help in decorating your interiors according to the latest trends. Take a look at the various ideas on home decor and interior decoration.
Must Haves For Pohela Baisakh Decorations
Pohela Baisakh is the first day of the Bengali calendar. As you know, many Indian regional calendars begin from the 1st day of spring when the crops are harvested. Pohela Baisakh is one such Indian festival and it is just a ...
Must Haves For Pohela Baisakh Decorations
Terrace Decor Ideas For This Summer
5 Best Terrace Decor Ideas For Summer
Summers are the perfect time to spend time outdoors and if you do have a terrace, then you must put it to best use. Now, you can hardly enjoy the warm weather if you do not make some embellishments to your ...
Budget House Party Ideas: World Party Day’14 Spl
We all like a good party as it keeps the teenager alive in us. So while the young adults celebrate World Party Day by soaring music in clubs and discos, adults can be slightly more mature about their celebrations. After you ...
Budget House Party Ideas World Part Day 2014 Special
Sixteen Of The Best Center Coffee Tables For Living Room
16 Best Coffee/Centre Tables For Living Room
If you have a big house, one of the things you need to have in your living room is a coffee or centre table. Having a centre table brings in a lot more beauty in your home. Coffee tables ...
Best Eco Friendly Craft Ideas For Your Home
With the rise of global warming, there are many people who are opting for ways to save our mother Earth. The simple way to save our earth is by going eco-friendly at home. Youngsters are the ones who are opting for ...
Best Eco Friendly Craft Ideas For Home
Summer House Curtains With Beads Pics
Summer House Curtains With Beads: Pics
Summer is here and you need to keep your home cool. Not many in India are blessed to have an air conditioner at home. Therefore, we need to find other means to let in the cool air to keep us refreshed ...
How To Decorate A Study Table For Teens
Teens are particular about their privacy, and love having everything set up in a single space. Their projects need them to work long hours in a said space. You will find that teens are stuck to a single space for a ...
Decorate Study Table Of Teen
Fifteen Cool Curtains For Living Room Windows
15 Cool Curtains For Living Room Windows
During summer, we want our home to look and feel cool. To make your home look amazing this summer, all you need to do is spice it up with some of the best and bright curtains we have complied for you. ...
Easy Decor Ideas For Large Walls
We often think that decorating walls is the easiest task of all. This may be true if you have limited wall space in your house. However, it is not so easy to get decor ideas for large walls. While decorating big ...
Easy Decor Ideas For Large Walls
Creative Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home
Creative Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home
Every home needs to look colourful and bright. It is the colour in your home which adds to the beauty of the house. When your home looks dull, it does not seem inviting to the eyes. Therefore, you can either paint ...
Creative & Convenient TV Room Ideas
Your television set is an essential part of your home. And where you place your TV can be the deciding factor when it comes to the look of your room. For example, if you have a rectangular hall, you cannot place ...
Creative Convenient Tv Room Ideas
Ten Home Decor Tips For Your Patio
10 Home Decor Tips For Your Patio
The patio is an outdoor living area most often found in Spanish style homes. It has gained much popularity in modern times as it offers a place to take a break from our busy daily schedules. It can be used as ...
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