Vishu Sadya Special Recipes

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Vishu is the celebration of New year for all the Keralites. The festival generally falls on the 14th of April every year. The festival is celebrated with great joy and happiness.

The main theme of the Vishu festival is that people burst crackers so as to welcome their New year. Firecrackers are bursted as an offering to the goddess.

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People wake up early in the morning, finish their daily duties and then perform puja to Lord Krishna, who is also known as Vishu Kani.

Several food offerings are made to the Lord as well. And later on during the day, special recipes are prepared and enjoyed by all for this festival.

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So, take a look at some of the best recipes that can be prepared for the Vishu festival.

01. Rice Puttu:

Rice puttu is a traditional dish that is prepared for Vishu. The main ingredients in the recipe are rice powder and grated coconut. The recipe is very nurtritious and healthy. Read on to know how to prepare rice puttu for Vishu.

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02. Jackfruit Payasam:

This sweet-tooth recipe is very nutritious. As jackfruit has several health benefits associated with it, prepare this wonderful jackfruit payasam this Vishu.

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03.Vegetable Theeyal:

Theeyal is a dish that is similar to the sambar that we prepare in other states of South India. But the main thing is that, we add more vegetables and other spices. By adding less water, you can serve this dish as a curry too. Read on to know how to prepare the vegetable theeyal for Vishu.

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Avail is a traditional dish in Kerala and is specially prepared for the Onam and Vishu festivals. This is an authentic Kerala dish that is prepared on important festivals, which tastes truly heavenly.

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05. Semiya Payasam:

Among the important sweet-tooth recipes that is prepared for the Vishu festival, this recipe is the best. Payasam or the kheer is very easy to cook and tastes delicious too.

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06. Mango Curry:

The Vishu festival falls in the month of April, and this is also the season for mangoes. People in Kerala prepare the mango curry for Vishu. Read on to know how to cook the raw mango curry for Vishu.

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07. Idiyappam:

This is also a traditional dish that is prepared in Kerala. This dish is very tasty, and it is a must to prepare idiyappam or noolappam or Vishu. Read on to know how to prepare idiyappam for the Vishu festival. Prepare these special dishes for Vishu and let us know your feedback.

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08. Unni Appam:

This is a sweet delicacy that is surely prepared for Vishu and other major festivals in Kerala. The recipe is very easy and quick to prepare. So, take a look at how to prepare unni appam for Vishu.

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09. Chakkai Chips :

The chakkai chips is a traditional recipe that is prepared from jackfruit. This chips recipe is cooked on special events and festivals. Since coconut oil is very famous in Kerala, the chips are deep fried in coconut oil.

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