Why You Need To Tie Your Hair?

Posted By: Sneha
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Tying Hair
Tying your hair can be very beneficial and help in easy maintenance. Hair care can be much of a hassle, especially in summers. The best way of hair care is to tie your hair, to prevent hair fall. Rubber bands not only give a stylish look but also helps in maintaining your hair. Make sure that while tying your hair, you keep in mind certain things. Some hair care tips, which you can adopt are listed below

Why You Need To Tie Your Hair?

  • Tying A Scarf: Tying a scarf at night helps in maintaining your hair and keeps it healthy. People with long hair must tie their hair for easy maintenance. If you have curled your hair, then tying a scarf at night is very useful. The most important use of tying your hair is, prevention of entangled hair. At night, when you sleep you toss your head and shift a lot. This can lead to nasty tangles and knots in your hair. Damage from sun, air pollution and dust can also be prevented using a scarf.
  • Breakage At Night- Tying your hair is very important especially at night. Tangled hair combed early at morning leads to breakage. If you do not tie your hair, then the fabric of your pillow case causes tangles when you move throughout the night. Maintaining such hair can get difficult. Your hair can even get tangled in your clothes that can cause hair fall. So the best way of maintaining your hair is to tie it neatly, so that it does not fall.
  • Dryness At Night- Night time can make your hair dry and weak. This is because many of your pillow case fabrics can suck moisture and oils from your hair. This in turn will make your hair brittle and lead to hair fall, when you comb it. The best way to prevent damage and dryness, is to tie your hair with a scarf, so that you can retain the moisture of your hair. Maintaining hair can be easy with theses simple hair care tips.
  • Rubber Bands- Tying your hair is very essential especially in this hot summer. When you are tying your hair keep in mind the rubber bands you choose. Make sure you choose bands that are not very tight. This will lead to entangled hair and get fixed in your band. Choose bands that, are satin or silk. This will hold your hair neatly and the softness of these bands, will help your hair glide easily and prevent knots.
  • Hairstyle- That Prevent Damage: The best way of managing hair, especially in summer is a comfortable hair style. The standard pony tail look prevents your hair from falling and reduces its damage. Open hair falls easily because humidity of air can cause excessive damage. High pony tails not only look very trendy but prevents your hair from sticking to your body in summers.

These easy hair care tips can help in hair damage and breakage.

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