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Find natural hair care solutions to the hair problems and get strong and thick hair. For a healthy and nourished hair, follow the hair care tips and foster hair growth.
Hair Care For Wet Hair Due To Rain
Hair care is essential especially when you are planning to go out during the rains. The heavy winds and the water won’t just wet your hair, but there is a major chance that it may spoil your hair in the long ...
Hair Care For Wet Hair Due To Rain
Secrets To Healthy Hair For Indian Men
Secrets To Healthy Hair For Indian Men
Hair care is a must for both men and women. A man does not enjoy hair care naturally. Even he has to go through the trouble of taking care of his hair, applying the right tonics, and nurturing it to make ...
Tips To Treat Hair Boils On Scalp
If you have ever had a boil on any part of your body you would be aware of the pain and discomfort it brings along. The very thought of it might give you goose bumps. Imagine suffering from these boils on ...
Tips To Treat Hair Boils On Scalp
How To Use Aloe Vera For Hair Repair
Using Aloe Vera for Hair Repair
Various products available over the counter claim to be good for the hair. But we can simply go back to nature and explore the uses of aloe vera for hair repair.A matured aloe vera plant has thick spiky leaves and closely ...
Reasons To Love Short Hairstyles
Pulling the hair back into a long ponytail or making it just touch the shoulders; the choice differs from person to person. The length of your hair should depend on your needs and how you want to go ahead with it. ...
Reasons To Love Short Hairstyles
How Mosambi Juice Is Good For Your Hair
Benefits Of Mosambi Juice For Hair
Mosambi juice is good for the health. This juice is rich in minerals and nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium. It is healthy as well as energising. But did you know that mosambi juice is good for your hair too? ...
Avoid Smelly Hair During Monsoons: Tips
Monsoons usher in a cooled and relieved effect from the hot summers. Everything gets washed clean and the leaves acquire a fresh green look. A stroll out in the rains becomes fun and refreshing. However, to enjoy this soaking wet weather ...
Tips To Deal With Smelly Hair During Monsoon
 Sesame Oil Benefits For Hair 20140621123636
10 Sesame Oil Benefits For Hair
Sesame oil is nothing less than a magical potion which works great with making our body look better. Be it the skin or hair, sesame oil has numerous advantages for all. Sesame oil is extracted from dried sesame seeds, generally of ...
8 Different Ways To Part Your Hair
Love to style your hair differently? Well, giving your hair the desired partition, either the side or centre, can do wonders in styling your hair. You will see that there are ways to part your hair. It is one of the ...
 Different Ways To Part Your Hair
Steps How To Put A French Braid
How To Put A French Braid: 7 Steps
Tired of the same boring hairstyle time after time? Check out this tutorial on how to put a French braid in the front of your hair, and wow your friends and family. This hairstyle is perfect for parties, or occasions that ...
Natural Hair Care For Bleached & Damaged Hair
Hair can get damaged by use of excessive bleach for colouring hair. Over bleaching causes the moisture of the hair to go off and makes hair dry, rough and unmanaged. It is important to restore the moisture to nourish the hair. ...
Natural Hair Care For Dry And Damaged Bleached Hair
 Ways To Refresh Hair Colour
10 Ways To Refresh Hair Colour
Heat treatments and regular styling can spoil your hair colour. You would see that the best of hair colours tend to lose out on their appeal after a few washes. So is re-colouring your hair the only available solution? Considering, you ...
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