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Hair Care

Find natural hair care solutions to the hair problems and get strong and thick hair. For a healthy and nourished hair, follow the hair care tips and foster hair growth.
Amazing Workout Hairstyles
Going to the gym need not be a messy affair anymore. You need to look your best there too. Styling your hair before you hit the gym will not only make you look good, but it will also make it easier ...
Amazing Workout Hairstyles
Winter Hair Care Tips For Men
Best Hair Care Tips For Men In Winter
Winters can really take a toll on your hair and give you a hard time. Hair becomes messy, rigid and difficult to manage during the winter months. Hair fall can also happen if hair remains messy and rigid. In this article, ...
Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wash Hair Every day!
How often should you wash your hair? This is one of the questions that every woman asks. Washing your hair every day is not good for the natural oil that is present on your scalp. Shampoo is not good too ...
Reasons Why You Shouldnt Wash Hair Every Day
Top 5 Risks Of Hair Straightening
Top 5 Risks Of Hair Straightening
A new look is what we need once in a while. This will boost our confidence and will make us look and feel better. In today’s world, there is a wide variety of choices that you can use to change your ...
8 Foods To Prevent White Hair
Grey hair is seen as a mark of ageing. Call it a fashion statement or natural beauty, you cannot remove the association of ageing with white hair. So imagine the trauma people go through when they start having white hair in ...
Eight Foods To Prevent White Hair
Ten Hair Care Tips For The Bride To Be
Important For Bride-to-be: 10 Hair Care Tips
Getting ready for marriage can be a tedious process. But this will be something you will enjoy at the end of the day. You will have to do a little work to look your best on your wedding day. Your hair ...
10 Ways To Have Soft Hair
Healthy hair means beautiful hair. But not all of us are blessed with healthy, beautiful hair that shines and bounces with joy. Moreover the present day lifestyle of running from pillar to post, erratic eating schedules and lack of rest deprives ...
Ten Ways To Have Soft Hair
Right Ways To Oil Your Hair
Right Ways To Oil Your Hair
Your hair requires adequate amount of care just like any other part of the body. Nowadays women spend a lot of time in the parlour, without realising that most of these things can be done effectively at home itself. It is ...
Top 5 Amla Tricks For Hair Loss
Losing hair is a natural phenomenon. The reasons for hair loss can be genetic, improper diet, prolonged disease and stress. Hair goes through a lot of stress due to pollution, shampooing and hair treatments. These factors can cause hair loss. Amla ...
Amla Tricks For Hair Loss
Hair Care For Wet Hair Due To Rain
Hair Care For Wet Hair Due To Rain
Hair care is essential especially when you are planning to go out during the rains. The heavy winds and the water won’t just wet your hair, but there is a major chance that it may spoil your hair in the long ...
Secrets To Healthy Hair For Indian Men
Hair care is a must for both men and women. A man does not enjoy hair care naturally. Even he has to go through the trouble of taking care of his hair, applying the right tonics, and nurturing it to make ...
Secrets To Healthy Hair For Indian Men
Tips To Treat Hair Boils On Scalp
Tips To Treat Hair Boils On Scalp
If you have ever had a boil on any part of your body you would be aware of the pain and discomfort it brings along. The very thought of it might give you goose bumps. Imagine suffering from these boils on ...
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