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Find natural hair care solutions to the hair problems and get strong and thick hair. For a healthy and nourished hair, follow the hair care tips and foster hair growth.
18 Remedies To Make Your Hair Grow Faster & Thicker
Longing to own a beautiful mane? Then, we have some remedies for you to try out this winter. During the winter season, the cold air that blows through your hair can weaken the roots by drying the scalp. In these ...
Eighteen Remedies To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Thicker
Home Hair Remedies That Are Toxic
Stay Away From These Toxic Hair Care Remedies
Hair care is of utmost importance to one and all. Nobody likes to lose their hair or have a bad hair day. What if that bad hair continues for days together? You may want to get it treated. Visiting salons, hair ...
Excellent Ways To Tame Hair Using Oil
Unruly and untamed hair falling all over the face; the very thought of it makes you feel uncomfortable. Not only it is troublesome, but presents a rather untidy sight too. The need is to understand the cause of this frizz and ...
Ways To Tame Hair Using Oil
 Homemade Natural Hair Masks For Dandruff
5 Homemade Natural Hair Masks For Dandruff
Dandruff can be a nightmare! It can cause damage to your hair and scalp, especially by triggering hair fall. Don't leave it untreated. If you notice dandruff, do the treatment as soon as possible. Fortunately, dandruff can be controlled and treated ...
8 Bizarre Hair Loss Myths You Must Know
Hair fall or hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by both men and women of varied ages. With the number of people grappling with the condition increasing steadily around the world over the years, several myths about ...
Bizarre Myths You Should Know About Hair Loss
How To Straighten Hair Naturally With Milk
How To Straighten Hair Naturally With Milk
If you are crazy over natural remedies, then this is a treat for you. Boldsky shares with you some of the best ways to straighten hair naturally with milk. At first, you might pause and wonder how. There will also be ...
Ways To Avoid A Bad Haircut
Having a good hair day is important to everyone. Initially, you need to decide on a hairstyle that you feel will suit you the best. It is in fact a big decision that you will need to make before a haircut. ...
 Ways To Avoid A Bad Hair Cut
 Ways To Style Your Hair With Oil
Ways To Style Your Hair With Oil
What would you do if you have to go out just when you have oiled your hair? It is impossible to wash your hair and step out immediately. Carrying oily hair can become quite an embarrassing affair at times. If you ...
Hair Masks for Dandruff During Winter
Winter is approaching and you will soon find your skin feeling drier than usual. The skin needs increased moisture to keep it healthy and glowing. The same goes for the scalp too. The scalp is nothing else but the skin on ...
Hair Masks For Dandruff During Winter
Ways To Make The Most Out Of Dry Shampoos
Ways To Make The Most Out Of Dry Shampoos
Everyone dreams of having glowing and beautiful hair. But dreams do not always turn into reality unless you put the efforts in achieving it. Hair care treatment requires oiling, shampooing and conditioning. However, in today's hectic life, hair care can go ...
Amazing Workout Hairstyles
Going to the gym need not be a messy affair anymore. You need to look your best there too. Styling your hair before you hit the gym will not only make you look good, but it will also make it easier ...
Amazing Workout Hairstyles
Winter Hair Care Tips For Men
Best Hair Care Tips For Men In Winter
Winters can really take a toll on your hair and give you a hard time. Hair becomes messy, rigid and difficult to manage during the winter months. Hair fall can also happen if hair remains messy and rigid. In this article, ...
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