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    Spiritual Impact Of The Moon On Mankind

    By Ishi

    The sun and the moon are "visibly" the closest spacial bodies to the earth with the moon being closer than the sun. The sun gives us energy and is the prime reason for the existence of life on this holy planet. Without the sun, there wouldn't have existed any form of life on this planet whatsoever.

    Spiritual Impact Of The Moon On Mankind

    The effects of the sun on mankind are many. In this article, we look at the spiritual effects of the moon on mankind.

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    The moon has been an object of study since the time humans set foot on this earth. There are many prophecies associated with the moon. Something we will discuss later on. Of late, recent scientific studies have delved into the connection between the moon and the human mind. Studies have shown that the moon influences brain activity tremendously. It increases the level of frequency and vibration of particles in the human brain.


    Intangible Frequencies Of The Moon And The Human Mind

    Every spacial body emanates intangible frequencies that interact with the frequencies of the human body. The moon as such influences the mind - it influences the sub conscious mind which contains several impressions that determine subtle human characteristics, as well as the conscious mind. These impressions on the subconscious mind are a result of causes created over several lifetimes. These impressions are caused over several lifetimes and are stored in the subconscious mind.

    However, we might not be aware of these impressions but they exist in this latent mind. These are responsible for our thoughts and actions to a large extent. Our thoughts in the conscious mind and the impressions in the subconscious mind also have some subtle frequencies. The subtleness of the frequencies of the moon being more, they are more difficult to be noticed than the frequencies of the thoughts and expressions in the mind.


    On A New Moon Night

    On a full moon night, the frequencies emanated from the moon are more and the influence on the subconscious mind is greater. This is the perfect explanation for why some people have more thoughts flowing through their mind that go on to determine the actions they commit. The same is true with respect to a new moon day. Darkness emanates negative frequencies of Rajas and Tamas nature. Hence, there is more of negative energy on a new moon day, as the dark side of the moon faces the earth during this time.


    On A Full Moon Night

    Similarly, on a full moon night, the basic Sattva frequencies are emanated. However, the frequencies on a full moon day are more active when there is brightness around than those on a new moon day. Hence, a heightened activity in the mind can be observed on a full moon day. Now, which thoughts become active depends from person to person.

    It can be the thoughts of the conscious as well as subconscious mind. For some people random thoughts might become active, for others it might be some specific thoughts that gain momentum. For instance, somebody who loves painting might be able to get more creative ideas on this day. When there are some pre dominant personality defects in people, such as anger, hatred, greed etc., they might surface during this time.


    Effect Due To Gravitational Pull

    The gravitational pull of the moon increases on full moon and new moon days. It is almost three times more than that on other days. Because of the gravitational pull of the moon, the Panchtattva (the five basic elements) get attracted towards the moon. The gaseous particles in these elements will get attracted faster towards the moon. Negative frequencies and energies generally exist in gaseous forms only. All the gaseous elements gain strength and thus negative energy spreads faster. The three times more pressure of the moon causes a three times increase in the effect of the negative energies. Hence, the increased effect of moon on mankind.

    The gravitational pull of the moon also has effects on the mind. Gravitation, depending on the fundamental vibrational frequency of the subconscious mind, affects different people differently. This is a proven fact that even science has attested.

    Thus, in the fundamental sense, the moon has effects and will continue to impact the functioning of the subconscious mind and thus, influence behaviour of human beings.


    Negative Activities Affect More

    On new moon days, people who want to perform negative activities such as occult rituals get supported by more of negative energies of Rajas and Tamas being predominant in the environment. Since there is excess of negative energy, it is considered inappropriate to perform auspicious activities on these days. So that predominant negative energies do not attack them. Since the moon radiates Raja-Tama energies on these days, there is a rise in the chances of such incidents (running away, anger, murder, suicide, black magic, etc.) more on a new moon day.

    Since the Tejtattva of the Sun which is the natural purification element, is not available on a new moon day, the negative energies get a sufficient opportunity to cause negative impact.


    Less Negativity On A Full Moon Day

    On a full moon day, the moon does not radiate these Rajas-Tamas frequencies. Therefore, the negative energies do not get such support as on full moon days. However, there are more of negative frequencies on a new moon day, but the frequencies on a full moon day are more active than a new moon day. Thus, the negative energies take advantage of the increased gravitational pull and try to affect. But, the distress caused by these energies on a full moon day is much lesser than on a new moon day.


    Can Spirituality Protect From The Effects Of Full Moon And New Moon?

    The negative effects of a full moon can impact only the body, but it affects the mind too in case of a new moon night. Hence, the effect on a new moon night is more dangerous as it is not much apparent. Those who are spiritual practitioners, they are more equipped with positive energies known as Sattvik Gunas. Hence, they can easily notice when Rajsik and Tamsik changes happen in the environment. But the people who are themselves Rajsik or Tamsik in nature (who are less inclined towards spirituality) are not able to notice the changes. Overall, those inclined towards spiritual practices are able to counter the negative energies better than others. Hence, it is said that they can easily get God's help and protection from the negative energies, such as demons, ghosts, black magic, etc.

    Probably, that is why we are advised to practice more spiritual activities from two days prior to and two days after the new moon and full moon both.

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