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Janmashtami 2022: List Of Demons Killed By Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna had incarnated with the purpose of slaying demons who were a source of constant discomfort and danger to Rishis and good men. He brought to dust, many prominent demons of his time, using his tremendous godly powers and restoring peace on earth. The demons, doubly confident about teaching a lesson to the puny-sized baby that Krishna was, tried every trick up their sleeve to bring Lord Krishna under their control. But it was Krishna who eventually won.

All these demons, unfortunately, were sent by his maternal uncle Kamsa in order to kill him. He warded off our worldly ignorance and showed us the path of virtue. His leelas are aptly termed Krishnaleelas. He was the master of all 64 arts that could not be mastered in one lifetime by a human being. Janmashtami 2022 will be celebrated from 18 August to 19 August. Therefore, let us look at the list of the demons that were slain by Lord Krishna. Have a look at the list to get a complete picture.

1. Putana- Putana was a demoness appointed by demon Kamsa or Kansa, who had given her the task of killing babies. Instigated by Kamsa, she entered Vrindavan and expressed that she would love to breastfeed baby Krishna. Krishna, well aware of the impending danger, on the pretext of drinking milk, killed her. She is believed to be the demoness Taataka from the Ramayana times, reborn as Putana.

2. Shakatasura- Shakata means cart. Shakatasura rode the cart all the way from Kamsa's palace to Vrindavan. He wanted to raze down bal Krishna under his cart. He tried it too, but before he could even act, Lord toppled the cart with one touch of his feet and the contents in it came crashing down on the asura who died on the spot.

3. Trinavarta- Trinavarta was a demon who was in the form of a whirlwind who was appointed by Kamsa to kill Lord Krishna. Trinavarta was able to kidnap the baby Krishna and flew higher and higher into the sky with the intention to drop Krishna from those impossible heights to kill him. Krishna grew too heavy to handle for Trinavarta and held his neck and squeezed it till the demons' eyes popped out of their sockets. He died on the spot on the ground of Vrindavan.

4. Vatsasura- He was in the form of a calf. Demon Vatsa, as per Kamsas instructions, joined the heard of calves that Lord Krishna was looking after. Noticing that the demon calf was following him everywhere, Lord Krishna turned around and caught the hind legs of the calf in a swift motion and whirled him around till he died then hurled him on the nearest apple tree. The tree as well as the demon crashed with a huge thud.

5. Bakasura- The cowherds were busy drinking water at a tank after a tiring round of games at which time the demon Bakasura, sent by Kamsa, entered the scene. He swallowed Krishna but could not continue to eat him as he was burnt by the divine and intense heat emanating from Krishan. Then Krishna grabbed at the Bakasuras beak, broke it two pieces.

6. Aghasura- Aghasura was one of Kamsa's generals who was specially sent by Kamsa with a hope to kill Krishan successfully this time. He had the form of a huge anaconda, and swallowed Krishnas friends in one gulp. Krishna sensing the danger immediately killed Aghasura and rescued the victims.

7. Arishtasura- Arishtasura was in the form of a gigantic bull with a huge mesh of horns that could kill a victim of any size. He entered the village looking around for Lord Krishna and digging the earth with his hooves. Krishna held him by his horns, and tossed him with ease on the ground. This demon, with clearly decreased stamina, this time, did not however give up and attacked Krishna very ferociously using up all the energy that was left in him. Krishna broke his horns with one blow and laid him to permanent rest.

8. Dhenukasura- Dhenuka means donkey. Intent on killing Lord Krishan, Dhenukasura entered the fruit laden orchards of Vrindavan, where Lord Krishna and his friends were playing. Dhenuka assumed the form of an ass and charged towards Balram and Lord Krishna. The beast started kicking Balaram with his hind leg. Balaram caught hold of both of its legs and whirled the demon to death.

9. Kaliya- Although not a demon, but this huge snake was indeed a nightmare for the entire cowherd community. Living inside the Yamuna River, it had made the waters of Yamuna impassable and undrinkable. Finally Lord Krishna, leapt into the river, pulled the serpent out and danced on its hoods before finally subduing it with his immense energy.

10. Pralambasura- This asura (demon) was killed by Sri Balarama. One day, during their favourite pastime, Krishna and Balarama saw Pralambhasura enter the field in search of Lord Krishna. Pralambhasura joined in and started playing with them and took Krishna's side in the game. After a while, mistaking Balarama to be a weakling, he carried him far into the jungles, getting ready to kill Balarama. Balarama, the divine being that he was, grew huge in stature and broke the demon's back and neck. Therefore, Pralambhasura died instantly.

11. Keshi asura- This is the horse demon that was killed by Lord Krishna.

12. Vyomasura- Vyomasura, the bat demon, went in search of Lord Krishna to Vrindavan and hid inside the mountains. Krishan and his friends were busy as usual playing games, during which Vyomasura deceitfully kidnapped Krishna's friends and threw them in a cave and sealed it with rocks. Krishna barged on the demon, gripped him tightly and choked him to death.

13. Kuvalayapeeda- This elephant demon was killed by Sri Krishna, when Sri Krishna enters the Mathura.

14. Bhaumasura (Narakasura)- Narakasura captured 16,100 wives of Lord Krishna but he was killed by Krishna which is the reason why we celebrate this day as a festival of lights, Deepavali.

15. Banasura (Vanasura)- Banasura with his thousand mighty hands, tries to display his power against Lord Krishna. All his hands were cut off by Lord Krishna leaving only two hands. He was not killed by Lord Krishna as he was from the illustrious lineage of Prahlada and hence he was not killed.

16. Paundraka- Paundraka was an imposter and had presumptuously believed that he was the original Lord Krishna. He was given a fitting response that laid his doubts permanently to rest by Lord Krishna.

17. Shishupala- Shishupala hurled about a hundred abuses on Lord Krishna in a fully attended gathering of kings and courtiers. Unable to take it, Lord Krishna, after the 100th abuse, severed his neck by aiming his Sudarshan chakra on his neck. Shishupala was supposedly an incarnation of Hiranyakashipu and Ravana in his earlier births.

18. Chanoora- Chanoora was the bodyguard of Kamsa and the last straw of hope of Kamsa against Lord Krishna, but he was killed finally by Krishna in a duel.

Disclaimer: The information is based on assumptions and information available on the internet and the accuracy or reliability is not guaranteed. Boldsky does not confirm any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Boldsky does not believe in or endorse any superstitions.

Image Sources: Wikimedia Commons

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