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Goddess Pratyangira: A Deity Who Is Worshipped To Remove The Fear Of Enemies

Pratyangira is also known as Atharvana Bhadrakali, Narasimhi, Simhamukhi, and Nikumbala, and is known to be the divine consort of Lord Sharabheshwara. Pratyangira emerged, lion-faced, with 18 hands, and a smiling face, from the third eye of Sharabheshwarar.

Dark complexioned, with a crescent moon on her forehead, she holds Pasham, Trishul and Damarugam. She is most merciful to her devotees and protects them from negative energies and all perils, rooting out your enemies and removing that lurking fear. People with sarpa dosham can worship Prathyangira Devi for instant relief.

Surprisingly in the Ayyavadi Pratyangira Temple, the dried red chillies dropped into the homagni, do not emit pungent fumes and no one coughs or sneezes in its presence. Also, the Banyan tree, which is the sacred tree of this place, bears the leaves of Bodhi, Ichi, Mango and Purasu trees on its branches. All said and done, worship of Pratyangira Devi should be done with utmost care and caution strictly under the guidance of a tantric guru.

Goddess Pratyangira: The Temple At Ayyavadi

At Ayyavadi, a relatively unknown town, at Tanjore, but famous for the Pratyangira Devi Temple, which is situated in the heart of its land, draws innumerable devotees to its fold every year. Most famous for the one and only puja yagnya that is conducted here, by the name of Nikumbhila yagam, for specific purposes, this temple has the yagnya platform or Vedike in the centre which has the installed idol of the Goddess Pratyangira Devi. During the pratyangira or Nikumbhila homa, about 96 varieties of offerings along with ghee, silk saree, navadhanya and fruits are dropped into the flames from the yagnya kunda. Finally dried red chillies are dropped into the flames in huge quantities. The temple is open between 6 am -11 am and 4:00 am - 8:00 am.

Goddess Pratyangira: Benefits Of Worship

Vimana resembles those of the North Indian shrines. She is the last resort if you want to regain your lost position, to stop enemies in their tracks, incur relief from debts, get that much-expected promotion, lucrative job offers, business opportunities and suitable grooms/brides. Those suffering adverse effects of Shani in their horoscope can also get this yagnya performed. The presiding lord of this temple Agastheeshwarar faces east while his consort Dharma Samvardhini Devi faces the South. The yagnya is conducted on all Purnima days between 8 am to 2 pm. At the end of the yagnya abhishek is performed to both presiding deities using the water from Kalasha. About 40000 devotees gather for this event annually.

Goddess Pratyangira: History And Legend

During the Rama Ravana war in Lanka, at a particular stage, Ravana lost both his sons, and depended on Indrajit, who was the only soldier left. Indrajit, an ardent devotee of Nikumbhila Devi, decided to save his wicked father and ruin Rama by conducting the Nikumbhila yagnya which, in order to succeed, should be performed without interruptions. Rama, who was informed about this, offered his prayers to Nikumbhila and instantly got her blessings as Goddess knew who was on the right side. Goddess Nikumbhila blessed Rama for victory against Ravana and for the rescue of Goddess Sita.

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Story first published: Saturday, November 26, 2022, 12:01 [IST]
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