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Shravana Month: These Small Acts Will Make Lord Shiva Happy


Shravana, the month of festivals, is about to begin. Each day this month seems like a celebration; such is the festivity of the month. The number of festivals and the religious beliefs associated with them are unparalleled. Festivals such as Devshayani Ekadashi, Nag Panchami, Mangala Gauri Vrat, Raksha Bandhan and many more are going to be celebrated during the Shravana month.

For every festival, there is a story and a belief which give it a high religious importance. Pujas are performed to please the associated deities. Here, we have brought to you some basic small acts will make lord Shiva happy and will help you fulfil all your desires.

When Will Shravana Begin In 2018

The month of Shravana, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is going to begin from July 28. Therefore, preparations are going on in full-swing and the wait is difficult for the devotees. Worshipping Lord Shiva in the form of a Shivalinga this month is considered very auspicious. Everyone, men and women and especially unmarried girls, must worship the Shivalinga.

Though Lord Shiva is the easiest to please, and that is one of the reasons why he is known as Bholenath and Ashutosh, there are some points which you must keep in mind while offering prayers to him.

Offer Water, Milk And Sesame Seeds To Shivalinga

Offering water mixed with milk and some sesame seeds added in it to the Shivalinga helps get the blessings of Lord Shiva such that all disease are removed.

Offer Wheat Chapati To Fish

Offering wheat chapatis to fish in rivers or ponds on a Monday is also considered very auspicious. This pleases the lord and he blesses his devotees.

Women Should Not Touch Shivalinga

Girls worship Shiva in the form of Shivalinga; they offer water to it everyday and observe fasts on Mondays, which is also considered to get the blessings of Shiva. It helps them get a husband like Lord Shiva himself or a man of their desire.

However, it is advised that girls do not touch Shivalinga while worshipping it. It is believed that Lord Shiva is in deep meditation at this time, therefore, touching the Shivalinga might disturb him.

For Marriage-related Problems

Those who are facing problems such as delayed marriage or are not finding a suitable match are advised to offer milk and kesar (saffron) to the Shivalinga.

For Mental Peace

For mental peace, one must offer green fodder to an ox as it is dear to Lord Shiva and hence, will help get his blessings faster.

Why Lord Shiva Is Worshipped During The Shravana Month

A story goes behind Lord Shiva being the primary deity in the month of Shravana. Once when Goddess Lakshmi, disappointed with Lord Vishnu, had left his abode, Lord Vishnu approached Lord Brahma to find a remedy to get her back.

Not just Vishnu, but all the deities in Devloka wanted to get Goddess Lakshmi back as in her absence, the entire Devaloka had become "Shriheen", which implies that it had lost its property. So Lord Brahma suggested that gods and demons churn the milk of the ocean after which Goddess Lakshmi will appear as she is the daughter of the ocean.

When both the teams were churning the milk of the ocean, a pot filled with poison had emerged. This poison was so powerful that it had the power to kill all those present there. At that time, Lord Shiva drank the poison and his throat became blue due to its effect. That is why Lord Shiva is also known as Neelkanth.

Bring These To Please Shiva In The Month Of Shravana

Since the incident took place in the month of Shravana, Lord Shiva is worshipped during this month.

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Story first published: Friday, July 20, 2018, 14:30 [IST]
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