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    During Shravana Month Get Lord Shiva's Blessings With These Things


    The Shravana month is about to begin and the preparations are going on in full swing. Though the dates for the onset of his highly awaited month will be different for the northern and the southern regions of India, the festival holds great spiritual importance throughout the nation. Since this Shravana month is offering a rare combination of four Mondays after a long period of nineteen years, these Mondays of Shravana are being expected to get the blessings of Lord Shiva soon.

    During Shravana Month Get Lord Shiva's Blessings With These Things

    During Shravana Month Get Lord Shivas Blessings With These Things


    Shiva is often depicted with ash smeared all around his body in some religious texts of Hindus. This signifies his association with Bhasma. Bhasma is considered very sacred by the saints and hermits. Lord Shiva was also a yogi saint. Hence, bringing the sacred ash known as Bhasma in your puja room will help get the blessings of Shiva soon.


    The Rudraksh beads are said to have emerged from the tears of Lord Shiva. Bring Rudraksh beads on a Monday and keep them in the room of the eldest person in the house. It will get the delayed jobs done as well as bring prosperity and peace in the house.


    Lord Shiva had given space to Ganga in his hair when Ganga appeared on earth upon the request of Bhagirath. It was done by him in order to reduce the flow of the river, which otherwise might have been difficult for the earth to handle. On a Shravana Monday, bring Gangajal in your house and keep it in the kitchen. This will ensure fulfilment and success in the lives of all the family members.

    Nandi Bail Made Of Silver

    Nandi is the name of the ox of Lord Shiva. This ox is often depicted seated near him in most of his portrayals. Just as keeping a silver cow in the house is believed to bring good luck, similarly, keeping a silver statue of Nandi bail inside the cash cupboard will bring financial stability and attract prosperity in the house.


    The sacred Damru used by Lord Shiva spreads positivity all around and helps to remove the negative harmful vibes from the environment. The sound of damru is believed to be good for physical and mental health. Bring a damru on the first day of Shravana and gift it to a child on the last day of the month. It will bring good luck to the family.

    A Silver Trident

    The trident of Lord Shiva symbolises the three forms of energy that exist in the universe. Bringing a trident into the home will balance the three kinds of energies and radiate Satvika qualities. Hence, do not forget to bring a trident made of silver this Shravana.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 14:45 [IST]
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