Do This To Win Court Cases- Baglamukhi Jayanti Special


It may be too many enemies, it may be that many court cases are lying pending or the business might not be giving expected results despite your consistent efforts. Whatever might be the problem, on this 23rd April, you will be able to get rid of all. As on this day, the birth anniversary of Mata Baglamukhi is being celebrated. It is believed that worshipping Mata Baglamukhi on this day, ends all the problems mainly those mentioned above.

This is the day when you should worship Mata Baglamukhi and get blessed by her. She will free you from all your worries.


Story Of Mata Baglamukhi

Once during Satyug, the whole universe was attacked by a fierce storm caused by the demon named Madaan . It caused chaos and fear all round. Worried by this, Lord Vishnu appproached Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva suggested to him, the name of Shakti, the Goddes of power.

Following the suggestion , Lord Vishnu worshipped this powerful Godess through meditation and sought her help. Upon which, the Goddess appeared and saved the universe from destruction. Since that day the birth anniversary of the Goddess is celebrated celebrated on the eighth day of Vaishakh month durring the Shukla Paksh.

Why This Puja Is Performed

Hindu mythology speaks bout ten Mahavidyas. Mata Baglamukhi is the eighth among them. Her puja destroys the enemies not only of the physical world but also those in the abstract world. These enemies are kaam krodha, mad, lobha and moh.

This puja is done mainly for these reasons:

1. for victory ovver the enemy, victory in gambling
2. for success and resppect in the society
3. realtionship disputes
4. for court courts cases
5 .divorse case
6. protection from black magic

Puja Samgri

Yellow chunni for mata, haldi, laung, elaichi, mishri, coconut and yellow prasad. Prasad can be yellow rice, yellow colored pudding etc.

Puja Vidhi

The devotee must get up early and take bath during the brahma muhurt. Should wear yellow coloured clothes. The puja has t be performed solely or while with a holy priest, and not in public. This puja has to be done in the east direction.
Purify the pace of worship with gangajal first. Then establish the idol of the Goddess on a 'chouki.'

with clean, pure hands and while sitting at a clean place in front of the idol, the puja can be performed. Hold grains of rice, yellow flowers, haridra and a sum of money in your hands and take the vow for fasting on this day.

Though during the fast nothing has to be eaten, at some places, people do take fruits after the evening puja.

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    Story first published: Monday, April 23, 2018, 9:50 [IST]
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