Bond Between Lord Rama And Hanuman

Talking of the Ramayana, one cannot ignore the relationship between Lord Rama and his able disciple Lord Hanuman. In fact, it will be fair on our part to say that the battles that Lord Rama won effortlessly had a major role that was played by Lord Hanuman.

Such was the dedication of Lord Hanuman towards his master that he would often put himself in trouble to protect the dignity of his master and his wife. Famous stories like the burning of Lanka on a rage are ones that do the rounds even today.

the bond between rama and hunuman

However, not everyone is familiar with the lesser known stories that are associated with this divine relationship.

This article explores some of those stories, which go on to state the sheer strength of this one of a kind relationship. So, read on to know more about the most distinguished relationship between a deity and his devotee, which is so special that the same is worshipped by the whole world even today.

the bond between rama and hunuman

• The First Meeting

As we all know, whenever humankind needed a savior, Lord Vishnu took on different forms or incarnations and came to the earth to save us. Lord Rama was one such form of Lord Vishnu. One day, Lord Shiva was very curious to see Lord Vishnu in this new form. This made him take on the disguise of a monkey trainer or Madari.

Back then, Rama was the son of Dashrath and a crowned prince himself. So, Lord Shiva (as the Madari) decided to go straight to the court to perform. The monkey that Lord Shiva had with himself was none other than Hanuman, the son of Anjana. Knowing that it was the omnipotent Lord Shiva that we are talking about, Anjana happily gave her child in his custody.

Lord Rama was thoroughly impressed by this particular incident and wished for the monkey for himself. Lord Shiva complied. Following that day, Hanuman was a companion to Rama for the rest of his childhood. Later, when Rama went to Vishwamitra's gurukul, Hanuman left Ayodhya and joined the services of Vali and Sugriva of Kishkinda.

the bond between rama and hunuman

• They Meet In Kishkindha

Following losing almost everything that was important to him in the famous incident of Sita haran, Lord Rama reached Kishkindha along with his brother Lakshman in search of Sugriva. Sugriva's agents saw the two brothers wandering about in their territory and, being loyal as he was, Hanuman was sent to find out more about them.

In order to accomplish his purpose, Hanuman took on the form of a saint and requested the brothers to tell him more about themselves. On knowing the truth, Hanuman knew in an instant that all of Sugriva's miseries were due to end and in an instant, he fell at the feet of Lord Rama. Later, in all humility, he took Lord Rama to the court of his king, Sugriva.

• The Heights Of Devotion

Once Lord Rama completed his 14 years of exile, he came back to Ayodhya and was coronated as the king of Ayodhya. The people of Ayodhya were elated by this news and the entire city was in a jubilant mood. In the celebration of the same, jewels and gifts were given out. Goddess Sita gave a necklace made out of precious diamonds to Lord Hanuman.

What followed was pretty much unexpected. Upon examination of the necklace, Hanuman tore apart the same. People were surprised and asked him the reason for the same. Hanuman told them that none of the diamonds had the image of Lord Rama and that is why he wanted to do nothing with the same. On hearing this, the people questioned him on whether he had an image of Lord Rama inscribed in his body. To prove his point, Lord Hanuman tore open his chest and revealed his heart. In this, on lookers were able to find the image of Lord Rama and that of Goddess Sita. This convinced them of the supreme devotion that Lord Hanuman had for Lord Rama.

the bond between rama and hunuman

• The Story Of The Sindoor

One day it so happened that Lord Hanuman saw that Goddess Sita was applying red sindoor on her forehead. Now, this was something that was completely unfamiliar to him. This made him question Goddess Sita on the significance of the same. Upon learning that she was doing this for the long life and prosperity of his master, Lord Hanuman was moved.

Hanuman then covered his entire body in red sindoor, in order to prove his reverence to Lord Rama. Lord Rama was thoroughly impressed by this gesture and granted Lord Hanuman a boon that whoever worshipped him with sindoor in the future would see all their troubles vanishing away. That is why in many temples in India, even today, Lord Hanuman is shown as being fully red in colour.

• The Death Sentence

Once when Lord Rama became the king of Ayodhya, the court was adjourned for the day. Narada directed Hanuman to greet all the sages, except Vishwamitra. Narada convinced Hanuman that this was because Vishwamitra was once a king and did not qualify as a true sage. Narada then went about and instigated Vishwamitra about the same. Known for his great temperament, this angered Vishwamitra and he asked Lord Rama to order the death sentence for Hanuman.

As the sage Vishwamitra was his guru, there was very little that Lord Rama could do other than obey the same. So, he did as ordered and asked for Hanuman to be killed by a row of arrows. As this act was being executed, the next day everyone was surprised to see Hanuman chanting the name of Ram on his deathbed. What was stranger was the fact that the arrows failed to do any harm to the monkey Lord. This made Narada guilty of what he had done and made him come out in the open and confess the same. Consequently, Vishwamitra asked Rama to call off the death sentence for Hanuman, and Lord Rama was more than happy to be able to do that.

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