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Durga Mantras To Chant During Navratri

By Ishi

Goddess Durga is the primary deity in the Shaktism tradition of Hinduism. She is known as the bestower of power and prosperity in the lives of her devotees. Navratri is the most auspicious time to offer prayers to mother Goddess. She has manifested herself in nine forms, all meant for the protection of the world.

She is believed to be one of the most powerful Goddesses in Hinduism. Popularly called Maa Durga, she is a form of Shakti. In Sanskrit, 'Durga' means the one who is unbeatable and unconquerable. The nine days of Navratri festival are dedicated to the nine avatars of Shakti. Thus the festival of Navratri is a tribute to the nine avatars of Maa Shakti. Navratri is the perfect time for the devotees of Maa Durga to perform special pujas to call up the deity and pray for peace and prosperity.

The devotees worship Maa Durga with a firm belief that Devi will protect them from all evils. The customs and rituals of the celebrations may be different in various parts of the country, but the ultimate aim remains the same. The devotees invoke Maa Durga by fasting, chanting mantras and singing bhajans. Chanting Durga mantras during Navratri will make the occasion more sacred and blissful. As the Magh Gupt Navratri has started from 5 January 2019, here are some of the most divine Durga mantras to chant during Navratri. We have brought two lists; one with the mantras which you can chant on all the nine days, and the other detailing the specific mantra meant for each form of the Goddess. Take a look.


1. Sarva Mangala Mangalye Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike Sharanye Trayambake Gauri Narayani Namosthute

This is one of the most powerful Durga mantras to chant during Navratri. The mantra means the following:

To the most auspicious among the auspicious, to the good, to the accomplisher of all objectives, to the source of refuge, to the mother of the three worlds, to the Goddess who herself is the ray of light, exposer of consciousness, we bow to You.


2. Ya Devi Sarva Bhutesu, Shanti Rupena Sansitha Ya Devi Sarva Bhutesu, Shakti Rupena Sansthita Ya Devi Sarva Bhutesu, Matra Rupena Sansthita Namastasyai, Namastasyai, Namastasyai, Namo Namaha!

This is one among the most sacred Durga mantras to chant during Navratri. This mantra means the folowing:

The Goddess who is omnipresent as the personification of universal mother, the Goddess who is omnipresent as the embodiment of power, the Goddess who is omnipresent as the symbol of peace, I bow to her, I bow to her, I bow to her again & again.


3. Durga Stutti Yaa Devi Sarva Bhooteshu Buddhi Roopena Samsthita Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namaha

This mantra is also one among the most divine Durga mantras to chant during Navratri. Here is the meaning of the mantra:

Oh Goddess who resides everywhere in all living beings as intelligence and beauty, I salute to you again and again.


4. Jagdamb Vichitramatra Kim Paripoorna Karunaasti Chenmayi Aparadha Parampara Param Na Hi Mata Samupekshate Sutam

This mantra is also good to chant during Navratri. The meaning is as follows:

Oh mother of the world, you are the one who looks after her children. Your love and kindness towards me is no surprise Oh mother goddess. Being a mother you forget all our sins and correct us without abandoning us, who are your children.


5. Om Sharanaagata Deenaartha Paritraana Paraayaney Sarwa Syarthi Harey Devi Naraayani Namostutey

This is another powerful and sacred mantra that is commonly considered one among the Durga mantras to chant during Navratri. This is believed to be a very powerful mantra to overcome problems and blocks.

Chant these Durga mantras during Navratri and experience the most divine feeling of the festival.

Besides these mantras, mantras for all the nine forms of the Goddess are there which should be chanted as one mantra for each form. Given below is one mantra for each form of the Goddess. Read on.


First Day: Goddess Shailaputri

The first day is dedicated to Goddess Shailaputri, the mantra for which is as follows:

Vande Vanchhitlanhaya Chandrardhakritshekharam Vrisharuddham Shuldharam Shailputri Yashasvinim


Second Day: Goddess Brahmacharini

The second day is dedicated to Goddess Brahamacharini puja, the mantra for which is given below:

Dadhana Karapadmabhyam Akshamala Kamandalu Devi Prasidatu Mayi Brahmacharinyan Uttama


Third Day: Goddess Chandraghanta

The third day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Chandraghanta. The following mantra can be chanted during her puja:

Pindaj Pravararudha Chandakopastrakairyuta Prasidam Tanute Mahayam Chandraghanteti Vishruta


Fourth Day: Goddess Kushmanda

A fast for Goddess Kushmanda is observed on the fourth day of Navratri. This mantra can be chanted to please her:

Vande Vanchhit Kamarthe Chandrardhakrit Shekharam Singharudha Ashbhuja Kushmanda Yashahvinim


Fifth Day: Goddess Skandamata

Devotees observe a fast for Goddess Skandamata on the fifth day of Navratri. You can chant the following mantra to please Goddess Skandamata. Singhasan Gata Nityam Padmashritkardvaya Shubhdastu Sada Devi Skandamata Yashasvini


Sixth Day: Goddess Katyayni

Goddess Katyayni is worshipped on the sixth day of Navratri and the mantra dedicated to her is as follows:

Svarna Agya Chakra Sthitam Shashtam Durga Trinetram Varabheet Karam Shagpad Dharam Katyayansutam Bhajami


Seventh Day: Goddess Kalratri

Goddess Kalratri is offered prayers on the seventh day of Navratri. She can be worshipped using the mantra:

Karal Vandana Dhoram Muktakeshi Chaturbhujam Kalratrim Karalimka Divyam Vidyut Mala Vibhushitam


Eighth Day: Goddess Mahagauri

The eighth day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Mahagauri. She should be worshipped by chanting this mantra:

Purnandu Nibhaam Gauri Som Chakra Sthitaam Ashtamaam Mahagauri Trinetraam Varabhiti Karaam Trishul Damru Dharaam Mahagauri Bhajem


Ninth Day: Goddess Siddhidhatri

Goddess Siddhidhatri should be worshipped on the ninth day. The mantra that should be chanted to win a place in the heart of Goddess Siddhidhatri is as follows:

Swarnavarna Nirvana Chakra Sthitaam Navam Durga Trinetraam Shankh, Gada, Padma, Dharaam Siddhidatri Bhajem

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