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Know Why Do Sadhu Have Thick Strands Of Hair And Tie It Into An Untidy Bun

You must have seen Sadhu, a religious ascetic mostly belonging to the Hindu community. You will find them in saffron coloured long loose dress, having Rudraksha necklace around their neck, sandalwood or Bhasma as Tilak on their forehead, a small Kamandal (stoup) in their hand with their hair unevenly tied into a round bun right over their heads. You must have wondered why they have thick strands of hair which is mostly tied up in a round bun right over their head. So, if you are eager to know the reasons behind this, then scroll down the article to read more.

1. A Sadhu or a sage dedicates his life to God and meditates most of the time. The reason why a sadhu meditates is to devote his entire time to God.

2. In order to focus entirely on God, they try their best to leave behind the materialistic happiness and get rid of any kind of worldly desires.

3. They don't care about their physical appearance and believe in attaining salvation. Eventually, they cut down on all those things related to materialistic desires and happiness.

4. This is why they do not care about their hair transforming into thick strands and then tieing them into a hair bun. This is not a hairstyle that they are supposed to do.

5. Instead, they do so to care least about whether their hair is oiled, combed and washed properly with shampoo or not.

6. In order to transform their hair into thick strands of hair, they seek help from their fellow sages. A few segments of hair are taken at a time and then it is rolled. After this, the rolled segment is tied with thread and needles such that it forms a fixed strand of hair. This process goes on until all hair is tied into thick strands.

7. You will be awestruck to see that the one who is getting this hairdo, has to bow down his head for a long time. Once the entire hair is tied into fixed strands of hair, the sage can't lift his head.

8. Once the strands are made, then the sage can tie his strands into a bun. Now it depends upon the sage if he wants to tie all the strands or some portion of them.

9. Once tied, the hairdo lasts for months. This way the sages don't have to worry about their hair getting dirty, dry, etc. When tied this way, the hair hardly bothers them and thus they can concentrate on meditation and remembering God for the entire time.

10. This is the reason why their buns look mostly untidy and uneven.

11. Now you may ask why they don't shave their heads. This is because shaving can cause the regrowth of the hair and thus, they would have to go to a barber and get it shaved again and again. Therefore, they prefer having a hairdo that won't bother them.

Story first published: Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 15:19 [IST]
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