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Nidhivan In Vrindavan: What You Need To Know About This Mysterious And Sacred Forest

Nidhivan, which is a sacred forest located in Vrindavan or the Prem Bhoomi of Lord Krishna in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, is the most sacred spot of pilgrimage for Radha Krishna devotees. It is actually a Forest of Tulsi that is surrounded by interesting legends that finally leave you wondering why the trees are all twisted, in pairs, and spread all across the forest floor.

Here, one can also find the Basil trees are not single but are found in pairs. Nidhivan has unusually hollow, but short trees whose branches are tangled and twisted downwards. The Tulsi plants appear to be arranged in pairs. Let us look at these wonderful sights in an archaic light and decipher the divine mystery that it is shrouded in. You can deduce that these twined Basil twin trees are the gopis that come to life once it turns dark. Actually, it is believed that when it is past dusk at Nidhivan, Lord Krishna and Radha indulge in Rasleela and then the Basil trees turn into gopis. Let us delve into details.

1. No One Stays Here Beyond 7 pm

For those of you, interested in finding out more about these mysterious nocturnal incidents, must take note of the fact that no one is allowed to stay on in the premises after dusk, to even try to investigate this occurrence. Those who attempt it have died, became insane or lost their vision for ever, as per some local reports.

2. The Tulsi Trees Of The Nidhivan Forest

Nidhivan isn't an expansive forest in any way, as the Tulsi trees are spread as a small green patch with residential places bordering the area. It is not a lush garden, that is striking green with a soothing and homely ambience to match. It is believed that the Tulsi plants turn into Gopis at night and dance around Radha and Krishna as they engage in the Raasleela. Trees also acquire a surreal natural glow at night for Lord Krishna to feel comfortable.

However, you can get to see a series of small shrines and religiously significant spots. No one takes the twigs of the Holy basil of Nidhivan home as they have found themselves in serious problems after taking it home. It is also a rule that devotees are not allowed to take pictures of Nidhivan.

Everyone especially the believers visit in hordes and disperse by the time it strikes 7pm . Nidhivan has gates that are locked from the outside to ensure that there is no human trace exists inside the compound past 7 pm. Not even monkeys and birds stay at Nidhivan beyond this time.

3. The Rang Mahal Mystery

Actually, there is a corner called Rang Mahal that is decorated every evening with a bed of sandalwood spread across, accompanied by a jar of water and pan. Also, along with the royal bed, a medley of delicious food, water, ornaments. Clothes and neem twigs are kept in a place called Shringar Ghar at the Rang Mahal. Every morning, surprisingly, when checked, these items appear tampered with. The priest finds an empty glass of water, a half-eaten paan and a dishevelled bed. People residing here shut their windows and doors every evening after the aarti bell.

4. The Well Created By Lord Krishna

There is a well which was created by Lord Krishna to quench Radha's thirst. People report that they have heard the sound of Ghunghroos near this well at night. People who have tried to unravel this mystery, have been severely punished for the act, but it is difficult to shrug this away as a necessary element of human fancy.

5. The Unusual Rock Garden

The rock garden is another mysterious area that displays the footprints of Young Krishna and his calf. It is believed that these boulders were rocks that melted into small boulders as a result of hearing Krishna's flute. This place has a huge base of Lord Krishna's followers and tourism is just flourishing here.

6. What Does Lalita Kund Signify?

After visiting the temple, you will get to see a small well which is called Lalita Kund. As per the legend, once while performing Ras Leela. Radha's close friend Lalita felt thirsty and as a result, Lord Krishna with the power of his lilting tunes flute, created a well for her.

It is really believed that Lord Krishna resides in this temple. Groups of historians and scientists who have tried to untangle the mystery have backed out from their attempts, accepting that they could not decipher it. They are reduced to believing that the God really resides here.

Nidhivan is a place that carries the maximum mystic element of all the spots in the Vrindavan as it is believed that Lord Shri Krishna personally visits to engage in Rasleela.

Disclaimer: The information is based on assumptions and information available on the internet and the accuracy or reliability is not guaranteed. Boldsky does not confirm any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Boldsky does not believe in or endorse any superstitions.

Story first published: Saturday, September 17, 2022, 10:00 [IST]
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