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Goddess Chindi Temple Of Himachal Pradesh: Know About The Architechture, Legend, History And Significance

In the heart of the Charming Karsog valley, at a distance of about 90 km from Shimla, at an elevation of 1404 meters, there exists a quaint temple that is believed to rid us of the stresses of the everyday routine at least for some time. A wonderful spiritual escape, Chindi Mata temple stands apart for its aesthetic beauty and regal architecture. 'Chindi Mata' temple stands apart from the rest as the map for this temple was prepared by ants and hence the goddess is named Chindi. .

Chindi Mata Temple is multiple storeyed and carved in wood, with totem and symbol painted roofs. A wood-carved deer head and flying eagles on the roofs and tiger statues guard the surroundings. The historical scenes from the past adorn the walls of the sanctum and the circular step well outside the temple, from which the water for Abhishek is sourced, has to be explored for a rewarding experience. Chindi Mata is a fierce aspect of Goddess Durga.

The way to Karsog valley and the temple is strewn with apple orchards and tall willowy pine and fragrant deodar trees. The woods on the hills are home to some loveliest creatures like musk deer, Ghoral and others.

Goddess Chindi Temple: Architectural Design

The Architecture of the Temple complex comprises the entry gate, the Main temple, another structure, and a circular step well which are all highly embellished with murals and sculptures and dedicated to the wild and wildlife.

The beauty of the 'Ashtabhuja' monolithic idol of goddess Chindi outshines the beautiful carvings on the walls enhances the beauty of the idol further. There is a lord Vishnu sculpture in the temple apart from that of the Goddess. The interiors are as enticing as the exteriors. The temple has wooden carvings with a mystic appeal that brings out the muse in you.

The first thing you notice as you enter is a beautiful entrance gate after the staircase that is made of stone, wood, and slate. There is a tiger statue, which appears so lifelike that you feel it is really guarding this temple of Goddess Chindi. At the entry, you can see murals and sculptures depicting Lord Ganesha, a snake, and a lion. Small wooden wind chimes around a huge wind chime are all placed at the edge of the gates. Small chimes are also seen hanging from the edge of the ceiling.

It is a single-storey structure, which combines the goodness of a gabled and pagoda-style roof that is supported by wooden posts. It is mostly made of stone and a horizontal wooden post centred in the middle and slates are used to cover it.

There is yet another building opposite the main temple which is two-storeyed and the façade is covered by wood. It has a kitchen and storage for feast items that are prepared for the devotees as prasad. The upper floor is used to store things belonging to the Goddess including chariots, and clothes. The top of the building carries a big mural, and a series of wooden columns are found in the corridor on the upper floor. On the roof, you can find wooden eagles sculpted very realistically with chimes added to heighten the piety and faith in the onlookers.

Goddess Chindi Temple: Circular Step Well

At the entrance of the temple, a circular step well made of stone and fenced from all corners can be spotted. This is for the Goddess to visit during the times of fair and hence entry is restricted for the visitors. It is always full and never dries up at any point in time. The best months to visit are between March and May as well as September to November.

Goddess Chindi Temple: History

The Chindi temple was under the patronage of the ancient Suket dynasty of Himachal Pradesh. Once the king of Suket, by name Laxman Sen wanted earnestly to shift the idol of Goddess to Sundernagar. As soon as the kardars pulled the mother's idol out of the door frame, the idol turned black but was nevertheless carried out of the temple, upon orders of the King. King had to face serious consequences because of his indiscretion and was mortally scared, he returned the idol to the temple personally and apologised to her for his mistake.

Also, the Goddess appeared as a young girl in the dream of a priest and informed him about the map for the temple that was prepared by an army of ants. This dream was materialized finally.

Goddess Chindi Temple: Significance

The devout visit this temple for their well-being and wish for fulfilment. Goddess also blesses the childless with offspring and prosperity if you ask her in earnest faith.

It is time for the fair when Goddess Chindi goes out of the temple for a short time once in three years, which is celebrated at Chankarath. Childless and the sick, flock to this temple from all over the country to seek her blessings. Chindi Mata comes out of the temple on her own accord and devotees gather here from all places just to have a glimpse of the Goddess.

Goddess Chindi supposedly visits nearby sacred places in her chariot, but she is no known not to cross the river stream and stay overnight in any place. When she comes out during the fair, out of the main temple, the entire hilly stretch gets enveloped with dense fog and rains incessantly. The main reason behind this is that Goddess Chindi does not like to be seen by other gods while she is dancing happily. The phenomenon of fog and rains have been witnessed by most of them who have felt the spiritual vibrations.

Goddess Chindi Temple: How To Reach

Chindi Temple is easily approachable. It is easily accessible from Shimla or Karsog. Although air service is not available, buses and taxis can easily be booked. The nearest railway station is at Shimla, which is connected to Kalka and can be reached by train or bus. The distance from Shima is approximately 92 km and from Sundarnagar it is approximately 73 km.

Goddess Chindi Temple: Opening And Closing Hours

The Sanctum is open only between 7:00 am to 9:00 am during which pujas are conducted by a group of priests who work in shifts.

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