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Ghatotkacha Tree Temple In Manali: Know About The Legend, War Of Kurukshetra And Comparison With Hidimba

Located in close vicinity of the temple of his mother Hidimba, the famous demon turned goddess of the Mahabharat times, Ghatotkach Tree Temple is at a distance of 2 km from Manali and 40 km from Kullu in Himachal Pradesh.

The Legend Associated With Ghatotkach

Ghatotkach's origins, although born to a royal scion Pandava Prince Bhima, were very deplorable as he grew up in paternal absence and care, totally and singlehandedly brought up under his mother's deft care. His mother Hidimba is enshrined in the Himalayas, in a cave where she performed meditation all her life. She was originally from a family of demons, looked after and brought up by her brother Hidimba.

Naturally, in awe of her brother, Hidimba vowed to marry only if she found someone who was equal in valour to her brother. Hidimba did not know what fear was, and other demons shuddered to think of him. The Pandavas, during their exile in Manali, were attacked by Hidimba, who was killed by the Pandava prince Bheema. Hidimbi's pleas to marry Bhima, met with a positive response as Kunti suggested to Bhima that he marry Hidimba.

Bhima agreed and Ghatotkach was born to them the following year. Ghatothkach grows up to be a wonderful addition to the Pandava army, which he assists, by defeating a large chunk of the Kaurava army., When Bhima and his brothers completed their years in exile, Hidimbi did not claim her regal status in the Pandava Kingdom by accompanying Bhima to the palace.

Ghatotkach's Role In The War Of Kurukshetra

Ghatotkach had a pot-shaped bald pate. In the Mahabharata war, Ghatotkach had a very active role to play as he was a very distinguished fighter from the Pandava side who caused untold destruction and chaos in the Kaurava army on the fourteenth night. Ghatotkach killed many indefatigable demon fighters like Alambusha, Alayudha. His powerful display of war tactics had no match on the enemy side.

When Ghatotkach caused untold damage to the Kaurava army, Karṇa clashed with him with all his might, even to the extent of using his Vasavi arrow which was gifted to him by Indra, in exchange for his kavach and earrings. This arrow was preserved carefully by Karna as he intended to kill Arjuna with the arrow. He could not help but hurl it at Ghatotkach who succumbed to its pyro techniques on the spot. His soul was seen to merge with the stars, soon after he breathed his last.

Ghatotkach, was not the one to give up so easily as even before dying, he was determined to kill a few thousands of Kauravas. He expanded his body before collapsing on the ground, a few moments before his death, and fell on the clusters of the Kaurava army. With this dying maneuver, he managed to kill half of the Kauravas. When Pandavas turned inconsolable due to this, Lord Krishna flashed his smile at Ghatotkach's corpse, at which point, the demon's soul was relieved of its demon hood, was transformed into a celestial soul and reached heaven.

A Tree Temple Dedicated To Ghatotkach

Ghatotkach has a tree temple which is a few metres away from the Hidimba temple. You can see several horns dangling on the tree temple. The brave warrior, who was a half human and half demon, left lasting impression on the minds of the inhabitants of his region and the Pandava Kingdom. The stately but open shrine stands regally under a huge deodar tree and houses a very small figurine of Ghatotkach.

Your Manali excursions are never complete unless you pay a visit here to experience the loftiness and piety of this place. Positioned about 100 metres away from the Hidimba Temple, this stately demon preserved the royal spirit in him till he passed away, too soon, while very young from this world.

Comparison Between Ghatotkach And Hidimba

Ghatotkach was probably more famous than his mother Hidimba who was in fact, primarily responsible for what he grew up to be. He was born of an unacceptable unionfrom the womb of a demoness, whose tribe was known to be skilled at war with unmatched expertise in war tactics.

Yet another temple, dedicated to him, exists in Bhuntar, in a very traditional style temple where he is seen donning the metal mask of this region. As per the North Indian perspectives, Ghatotkach is a fine human and a demigod whereas, in South India, he is depicted as a demon. The Dhungari Village in Manali is the only temple where he is seen wearing weapons that bring out the warrior element in him. Overall, it can be undoubtedly said that the Ghatotkach Tree Temple is a must-visit during the tour to the mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh.

The only things that may linger in your mind, apart from his memories, are the horns, and beastly heads, that are hung on the deodar tree. It is believed that these horns and heads are the remnants of animal sacrifice that used to happen longer back in time.

The son was deserving of the mother in traits and virtues and his mother, was a great example of a perfect mother that broke barriers and constraints of time and society to bring her son to a historical name and figure. Although Ghatotkacha had very few worthy or quality moments with his father, while growing up, he was never vengeful and preserved his utmost loyalty to his father's clan which was evident in the way he braved it all up during the Kurukshetra war. He was a perfect son as well.

Ghatotkach Tree Temple is situated on the Hadimba Temple Road, Siyal, Manali in Himachal Pradesh. People who are interested may visit this place to know more about this demidivine duo.

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