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Dasarighatta Chowdeshwari Temple In Karnataka: History, Legend, Timings And How To Reach

When you Tumkur and navigate its interiors, the relatively undeveloped city of Dasarighatta at Tiptur in Karnataka welcomes you to a temple belonging to the Powerful goddess, the Chowdeshwari Devi, who is known to convey information on our past present and future through the kalasha on her crown. The idol made of panchaloha writes a reply to the question even if it is at the back of your mind. There is a belief that even oral questions get answered with unmatched precision here.

For every woe that you tell her, in her presence, a fee of 100 rupees is charged. A family can ask 3-4 questions all in all. At a time, two people can sit before the deity to ask questions and derive answers. Two illiterate persons pick up the deity towards the rice flour base upon which, after the question is asked by the devotee, the answer gets written by the tip of the kalasha that effortlessly moves on its own. The question can be asked in any language. The answer comes in the Kannada language. Through the head of the deity that literally writes the answers on the rice flour base. Sometimes the kalasha shakes and jumps from side to side.

Dasarighatta Chowdeshwari Temple​: Legend Associated With It

Scores of years ago, In a kingdom namely Nandavara that existed on the banks of river Tunga, near Raichur, there ruled a king who worshipped Shakti every day at the break of dawn. Mystified by the king's disappearance from the palace at 4 am every day, the queen questioned the king. King gave her an honest answer to which the Queen expressed a desire to follow him to witness the puja.

The King took her to Kashi and started his puja to the Devi, at which juncture the queen had her menstrual cycle. So as a result of the dosha, the King lost all his powers. So asking a few well-versed brahmins, who told him to offer arghya to the sun every day so that the queen would regain her purity. King received the powers back through the help of brahmins. He promised them lands whenever they needed them and left for his palace.

Years later, when famine broke out in Kasi, the Brahmins, approached the king at Nandavara and requested him to do something about it. King chased them away at the very instant. From this time, the king started getting negative results for his puja. Brahmins worshipped Sri Chowdeshwari and requested her to settle in Nandavara to which Devi agreed. King realized his mistake.

The Brahmins worshipped Sri Chowdeshwari and requested her to come down to Nandavara as the lonely witness for the king's promise. Devi did as they desired. The king realized his mistake. Thereafter, the brahmins who settled in Nandavara came to be known as nandavarikas and Chowdeshwari became their kuldevata, Goddess Chowdeshwari began to bless devotees thereafter in her new abode of Nandavara.

Dasarighatta Chowdeshwari Temple: History And Significance

People from all over the world, have visited here irrespective of caste and race, to obtain her blessings. The devi who calls herself 'Sevakara Sevaki' (Servant of Devotees) answers all the prayers offered with boons. All temple-related tasks and initiatives have been dealt with using Divine Mother's guidance.

Every Tuesday a special puja is done. Navaratri is grandly celebrated, During Ayudha puja and Chowdeshwari devi fair, a grand Utsav for Chowdeshwari Devi is arranged and observed. Temple opens on all days except Tuesday. The timings are from 9 am to 9 pm. On Tuesdays, it is 9 am to 9.30 am and 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Dasarighatta Chowdeshwari Temple: How to Reach

Dasarighatta is about 10 km from Tiptur, which can be reached via Tumkur from Bangalore. Plenty of buses ply to and fro between Bangalore to Dasarighatta. It can also be reached by train as Dasarighatta is 5km away from the railway station.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 19:46 [IST]
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