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December 2019: 12 Auspicious Dates That You May Not Be Knowing

By Lekhaka

December is the last month of the year but still has so much to offer to you. There are so many festivals during this month that you may not know. In addition to the auspicious festivals and events, there are several auspicious dates in this month. Thus, you can also plan some sacred ceremonies or work during this month. For this, we have listed down a few auspicious dates that will help you in carrying out important ceremonies.

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1 December 2019: Ram Vivah

This is one of the best days on which you can carry out a sacred and/or important work. Those who are having difficulties in finding a good partner, can worship on this day or initiate dating as this day is intended to bless unmarried people with a good spouse and bring harmony in one's married life. Students will be blessed with knowledge and overall progress.

2 December 2019: Subramaniyam Shashthi

People who are suffering from fears and anxiety will be benefited from this day as the person can overcome fear and obstacles. You can worship the Almighty to bless you with mental peace, energy and overall progress.

4 December 2019: Masik Durgashtami

This is yet another day on which you can begin your important and desired work. For that reason, Masik Durgashtami is a day when one can have the fulfilment of desires, recovery from illness, success in the field of education and gain wealth. Those who will start their work on this day will attain success and peace of mind.

8 December 2019: Mokshada Ekadashi

If you are the one who is often surrounded by sorrow and obstacles can be benefited from this day as devotees on this day will be blessed with knowledge and spiritual progress.

9 December 2019: Soma Pradosh

This is a day on which devotees worship Lord Shiva to seek his blessings and gain happiness, healthy positive energy. Those people whose work is being delayed due to some obstacle should try doing it on this day. For that reason, it will be a good day to overcome the obstacles.

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12 December 2019: Margashirsha Purnima

This is the day when childless couples can perform Puja and Hawan to seek blessings from the Almighty. For that reason, it is a very auspicious day for those who do not have children. Also, parents can worship God for the sake of their children's well being and health. One can attain spiritual progress on this day.

15 December 2019: Sankashti Chaturdashi

This is an auspicious day for accomplishing the pending work and to overcome the psychological fears. People who are facing obstacles in achieving their goals should utilise this day in making another effort to achieve their aims.

Couples going through marital trouble can sort out their problems have harmony and marital bliss.

19 December 2019: Masik Kalashtami

Work done on this way will surely bring you success and will remove your fears. Those who are suffering from injuries and illnesses can be benefited from this day. If you are thinking to resume your pending work, you will be having the fulfilment of desires and receive positive support from your loved ones. Also, on this day your obstacles will be eliminated and hence, it can prove to be a day of good fortune.

23 December 2019: Soma Pradosh

This Soma Pradosh is intended for spiritual and mental progress. Those who are suffering from loss and unnecessary obstacles can successfully accomplish their tasks as they will be getting positive support from their loved ones. Also, devotees will achieve contentment and health.

24 December 2019: Masik Shivratri

This is the day on which devotees can achieve health, wealth and progress in their lives. Couples going through marital problems should try to sort out their problems. This will definitely bring you results.

30 December 2019: Vinayaki Chaturthi

If you are going out somewhere on this day then make sure you worship and offer prayers to God. This will help you in seeking blessings and will subsequently eliminate your obstacles. If any of your work has been delayed due to unusual reasons, it will be resumed and bring success to you if necessary efforts are made for the same. Students can spend this day in studying as this will help them in gaining knowledge.

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31 December 2019: Skanda Shashthi

Being the last day of the year, this is quite an auspicious day for those who are suffering from fears and worries. It will help in overcoming those who suffer from constant fear and will help them accomplish the work successfully.

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