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You Should Never See These Things Just After You Wake Up


It is said that the start of the day determines the entire routine of the day. A good start, therefore, ensures a happy day throughout. When the start is bad, you might have to meet unwanted problems on the way. However, the question is what determines whether the start of the day is good or bad?

While good incidents make it good and vice versa, there are some beliefs about the things you see first after you wake up. Seeing certain things as the first thing of the day is not considered good. Here is a list of such things.


Looking Into The Mirror

Many people, especially women have a habit of watching their faces in the mirror as the first thing of the day. This is considered bad. There are things which might cause good luck. In fact, one should look at his palms just after getting up in the morning. This is considered very auspicious for the day.


Looking At The Shadow

You should also avoid looking at the shadow of others as well as that of yours. Looking at someone's shadow as the first thing of the day is believed to give an invitation to bad luck. It increases stress and anxiety as well as confusion in the mind of the person.


Seeing Dogs Fighting

Generally, dogs do not fight in the morning but during the night; however, it might happen sometimes. Seeing dogs fighting early in the morning, as the first thing of the day, is considered inauspicious as well. It is believed that it leads to arguments with people when one sees such a scene first.


Images Of Animals

Looking at the images of animals in the morning is also considered inauspicious. Thus, either we should remove the images of animals or place them in rooms which are not used for sleeping. Seeing such images is also believed to lead to arguments and to fights.


Looking At Unwashed Utensils

Looking at unwashed utensils is another inauspicious thing to see just after waking up. Looking at dirty utensils causes projects to be delayed. In fact, leaving the utensils unwashed at night is itself considered inauspicious. They should be cleaned just after use.


Looking At A Fight

Seeing two or more people involved in arguments is considered inauspicious. The negative energy from them is believed to transfer to the one who is watching it. Thus, one should ignore it even if they see a verbal fight going on outside.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 27, 2018, 21:25 [IST]
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