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The Auspiciousness Of The Sacred Turtle


Vastu Shastra is one of the ancient disciplines that have originated in India. It relates to the study of architecture of the house or building. It is believed that each direction is associated with some or the other force in nature; this force becomes the reason for certain kind of energy flowing in the house.

This energy affects the moods of the inhabitants, which further affects their work or personal life. Thus, the cycle of energy affecting the life goes on. Sometimes, people ignore these simple tips and continue the construction of the house as per their own sweet will.

This way, they end up creating problems in their own lives. However, there are some cases when people unknowingly construct the house in a wrong way. This again becomes a reason for various problems such as increased arguments among the family members, uncontrolled flow of money from the house, uncontrolled expenditures and, sometimes, poor health of the inhabitants as well.

However, since every problem has a solution, there are remedies for such mistakes as well. Vastu Shastra says that keeping certain things in the house, such as wind chimes, the sacred turtle, etc., can help to get rid of the negative energy.

These objects radiate positive energy, which ensures peace and prosperity in the house.

Importance Of The Sacred Turtle as Per Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui

A similar study originated in China, which is known as Fengshui. The turtle has been described as an auspicious object for the flow of positive energy in the house, according to that study as well.

The Fengshui turtle is associated with Lord Vishnu, according to the Vastu Shastra. Since Lord Vishnu had taken the form of a turtle at the time of the Samudra Manthan and helped the Gods in achieving success in the Samudra Manthan, the sacred turtle is thus associated with the same auspiciousness.

Benefits Rendered By The Sacred Turtle Based On Its Type

However, there are certain rules which need to be observed for keeping these objects in the house. Not observing these rules and keeping them in wrong ways can render the positive energy radiated by them to be negligible.

In order to help you out, we have brought to you the following tips. Take a look.

1. Keeping it at the main door helps maintain peace in the house. The minor arguments that arise among the family members do not turn into fights and distances. It doesn't let the negative energy enter the house.

2. Keeping it in the East ensures a good health of the family members.

3. North East is another good direction, which ensures that there is no shortage of money in the house.

4. Keeping a crystal turtle in the house as well as in the office is said to be auspicious for the flow of money.

5. A turtle made of soil is also a good remedy if the members of the house are often suffering from health problems.

6. Many a time, people put in the best of their efforts, but they do not get a job, or might not be able to achieve success in exams. Keeping a brass turtle in this case helps achieve success in job and career.

7. Minor arguments and issues are a part of the life of every man. These are common in every house. However, these arguments might take the form of big distances between people. In order to prevent this from happening and maintain peace and harmony in the house, a couple of turtles must be kept.

8. We often ask for Muhurtas (auspicious timings) whenever we are to start a new business. We do all that as it can help the business turn into success. Along with the Hawan (holy ceremony involving rituals offered before fire) and the right amount of hard work, keeping a metal turtle, especially one made of Silver is really beneficial. It protects the business from losses and helps earn more profits.

9. The business becomes a success soon. The turtle can be kept in the office or the shop.

Similarly, there are many couples deprived of babies, they must keep a turtle which carries a baby turtle on its back, so that they are blessed with a baby.

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Story first published: Friday, June 1, 2018, 16:15 [IST]
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