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Solar Eclipse On 2 July 2019: Facts And Dos & Don'ts

Surya Grahan or Solar Eclipse 2019: साल के पहले सूर्य ग्रहण को भूल से भी ना करें ये काम | Boldsky

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon lies between the sun and the earth. It blocks the light of the sun for some time. A solar eclipse is mainly of four types: a total eclipse, an annular eclipse, a hybrid eclipse and a partial eclipse. In fact, the entire year is going to be full of excitement for the skygazers as there are going to be five eclipses throughout the year with three solar and two lunar eclipses.

This second solar eclipse of the year will be will occur on 9 July 2019.

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Types Of Solar Eclipse

1. When the sun is almost blocked by the moon, and just the bright outlines of the corona are visible, it is called a total eclipse.

2. When the moon blocks the sun such that the sun seems to have just a black spot in its centre, and a considerable shade of the corona is visible, it is called an annular eclipse.

3. The third type is when the moon blocks the light of the sun in such a way similar to both a total as well as an annular eclipse. It is known as a hybrid eclipse.

4. When the sun is blocked by a part of the moon, it is called a partial solar eclipse. The sun and the moon are not perfectly in line and the moon only partially blocks the sun.


Solar Eclipse Has Been Proved As A Misfortune In The Historical Scriptures

A solar eclipse is said to bring misfortunes along with it. History, through scriptures, details about various cases when a solar eclipse has been proved as a misfortune.

According to the Mahabharata, the day when the Pandavas lost the game of gambling to Kauravas, saw a solar eclipse. When the Pandava prince, Arjuna, killed the commander of the Kauravas, a solar eclipse was observed. The day when Lord Krishna's kingdom, Dwarka, got submerged, again a solar eclipse was observed.

The reason being associated behind this is that since Surya Dev is considered as a fatherly god, and is often seen as a king as well, an obstruction in the path of the sun means an obstruction for the king as well.


What Hindu Mythology Says About the History Of Solar Eclipse

According to one story, once Rahu, a celestial body known to affect the birth chart of a person, had blocked the path of the sun, which caused darkness all around. Hence, people got frightened, as a solution to which Maharishi Atri used his divine powers, removed Rahu from the path, and brought the light of the sun back. This was marked as the first solar eclipse.


Dos and Don'ts On A Solar Eclipse Day

Along with these, there are some things which are considered very auspicious and some things which have to be abstained from.

1. Sun God worshipped as Surya Dev in India is the god of power, self-confidence, social respect as well as success. It is believed that chanting the mantras of Surya on the day of solar eclipse, brings good luck and happiness. The time is auspicious for meditation as well.

2. However, the time of solar eclipse has been described as that of Sutak in our scriptures. Sutak refers to the inauspicious time. Hence,puja and idol worship should not be performed on this day.

3. Pregnant women are advised not to go out at this time. The harmful radiations of the sun might penetrate through the delicate skin of the belly covering the foetus of the woman.

4. One must even avoid eating plants and fruits exposed to the sun. Speaking scientifically, they contain the harmful radiations of the sun.

5. Since aluminium and steel conduct the harmful rays and reflect them back, one should avoid using knives as well as other such objects during the solar eclipse.

6. It is advised that one must avoid eating in the open on the day of the solar eclipse, which has been described to be inauspicious as well as harmful due to the radiations of the sun scientifically. In fact, one should avoid eating or cooking during this period.

7. Avoid sleeping during this time.

8. Avoid touching Tulsi or Shami plant.


Here Are The Things Which You Must Do Just After The Solar Eclipse

1. Do not forget to take bath soon after the Solar eclipse.

2. Sprinkle drops of Gangajal on Tulsi and Shami plant.

3. It is advisable that you should make donations after the solar eclipse.


Recite These Mantras During Solar Eclipse

1. You should recite Surya Mantra.

2. Reciting Gayatri Mantra is also recommended.

3. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra should also be recited during the solar eclipse.

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