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Do Not Forget To Do This After The Solar Eclipse


The first solar eclipse of the year is to occur on 6 January 2019. We are supposed to keep so many things in mind and take precautions because of the Sutak Kal. The term Sutak Kal refers to that time around an eclipse which is considered to be inauspicious. In case of a solar eclipse, the Sutak Kal remains for a period starting from 24 hours prior to and after the eclipse timings. This solar eclipse will be witnessed during the period between 4.08 am to 9.18 am on 6 January. So here are the things which you need to do after the eclipse. Read on.

Things You Must Do After The Solar Eclipse

  1. Donations are very dear to Surya Dev. He loves those who help the needy. Hence, one must make donations as per one's capabilities. You can distribute clothes, food and books to poor children. Going to old-age homes and offering clothes is another option. You can even donate blankets and shawls.

  2. Sun is often said to be a fatherly God. Hence, the more we respect our parents the more he is pleased. Similarly, offering something to old people really pleases him along with those the real-life parents there.

  3. Another reason for donations being so significant on this day is that solar eclipse occurs on Amavasya tithi. This tithi is especially considered for making donations to the priests. You can donate items of use to them.

  4. Clean all the idols kept in your puja room with water after adding Gangajal in it.

  5. Sprinkle Gangajal in the house to remove all forms of negativity.

  6. Do not forget to take bath after the eclipse. Women must take a head bath.Taking a bath is necessary from two perspectives:

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