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Betel Nut And Its Use In Pujas


A number of customs are followed in Hinduism. The rituals, the sacred offerings and the mantras, add beauty to the age-old customs mentioned in the scriptures. We offer a number of sacred things during these rituals, which help us please the deity more and get our wishes fulfilled sooner. For example, the use of vermilion is made to worship all the female deities as well as Lord Hanuman.

Sandalwood paste is dear to Lord Vishnu. White flowers are dear to Lord Shiva. He is never offered sandalwood, unlike Lord Hanuman, though he is the incarnation of Lord Shiva himself. It is said that we should never offer basil leaves to Lord Ganesha. There is either a story or a belief which goes behind these objects being used as sacred items.

Betel nut is one such sacred item; it is used as a sacred item which purifies the environment and helps the devotee concentrate better.

There are some remedies using betel nut which can help fight all kinds of problems in life.

1. Keep the betel nut in a yellow cloth and invoke Lord Ganesha. Use vermilion, turmeric and rice and chat the mantras for Goddess Lakshmi. This should be done during the auspicious muhurta.

2. Establish a Sri Yantra on a red cloth. Keep a betel nut in the middle of it. This will help gain the blessings of Lord Ganesha. He removes all the obstacles arriving in the path of earning wealth.

3. It is believed that we should keep a betel nut in a silver bowl and place it in the north and the east directions. Offer prayers to it daily in order to maintain peace and harmony in the house.

4. Such a betel nut imbibed with mantras helps remove monetary problems.

5. It is believed that keeping a copper vessel filled with water, along with a betel nut and some money, as an offering in a temple, helps get wishes fulfilled soon.

6. Keep a Sri Yantra and betel nut in the cash cupboard. This will help reduce expenses and earn more wealth.

7. Some of Lord Ganesha's idols have a trunk turned towards the right and others have it turned towards the left. Offer prayers in front of an idol with the trunk turned towards the right using the betel nut and clove. This helps remove all the problems from life.

However, many a time, people do adopt these remedies but do not keep in mind some basic things which are necessary for the every day prayers. We have brought to you all those points in one place.

1. The tilak has to be marked with the ring finger alone and no other finger.
2. Never offer turmeric to Lord Shiva.
3. Never forget to leave the Diya before the idol of the deity after having done the aarti. Do not keep it at other places.
4. Never keep dried out flowers before the deity.
5. Never offer basil leaves to Lord Ganesha.
6. Never offer bilva leaves to Surya Dev.
7. Never pluck flowers or leaves after sunset.
8. Never forget to offer water to Surya Dev after the daily prayers.
9. Never forget to cover the place of worship with the curtain after the evening prayers.
10. Never forget to use betel leaves in a puja.

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