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Does The Main Door Of Your House Follow The Correct Vastu? Check Out Here

By Ishi

Vastu Shastra can help us regulate the form of energy prevailing in the house to a great extent. Different directions are associated with different types of energies. For example, while sleeping with your head in the north might charge you up for the day, you might feel dull and low when you have slept with the head in the south direction.

One of the ways of regulating the flow of positive and negative energies in the house is through the architectural design of your house. From the storeroom of the house to the main doors, there are Vastu rules for everything. From those rules, we have today brought the list of rules for the entrance door. Take a look at these auspicious Vastu tips for your house main door/entrance.


1. Alignment

The main door of the house and the entrance should not align in the same lines. While the direction of both can be same, the alignment should be separate. This helps in not letting the negative energy directly enter the house.


2. Direction

The direction which is best suited for the house is east, northeast, west or north. All these directions are associated with positive energy. It is said that the residents see progress if the entrance is in any of these directions.


3. Door Divided In Parts

The main door should be made of wood. It should open in two or more parts. Avoid having a single door. Keeping a name plate on the door should also not be forgotten. The gateway should be located such that no shadow falls on it.

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4. Direction In Which The Door Opens

Make sure that the door opens in the clockwise direction. A door opening in the anticlockwise direction is considered inauspicious. The door should not make any sound while being opened or closed.


5. Size

The size of the main door should be bigger than the other doors. The entrance should be marked a few inches away from the corners. The gate should preferably be made of wood and not metals.


6. A Damaged Door

The door should not be badly manufactured or damaged. An old door which has got damaged should soon be replaced. Keeping a doormat not only prevents unwanted dirt, but unwanted energies also from entering the house.


7. Maintenance Of Prime Importance

The area surrounding the gateway should also be well maintained, neat, clean and uncluttered. One which is cluttered promotes an unmanaged and cluttered lifestyle of the housemates.

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8. Staircase At The Entrance

The entrance should be raised a little higher than the street or the ground. If there is a staircase which leads to the entrance, the stairs should always be odd in number. The gateway should look bright with sufficient light in the area.

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