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Naiveya Items That Can Be Offered To Lord Ganesh And Goddess Lakshmi

By Ajanta Sen

Each person has his or her own choice of foods. The same goes for our Gods and Goddesses as well. Preparing foods and offering them to the deities on auspicious days like Ganesh Chaturthi, Sankranti or Diwali is one of the numerous rituals of any festival. It gives immense pleasure when you prepare the favourite foods for your deities.

Lakshmi and Ganesh puja takes place in every household in India, especially during the Diwali time. This puja brings wealth, harmony, prosperity, well-being and abundance of happiness in our lives. Lakshmi showers her blessings on the day of Diwali and hence every house is cleaned weeks ahead of the festival.

Ganesha is worshipped on this day and especially before starting any new venture. Ganesha also represents intelligence, wisdom and success. During this puja, you must offer the foods that are liked by both these deities.

For example, Lakshmi prefers any food stuff made with rice and Ganesha is believed to be a laddoo lover. So, keeping these things in mind, a list has been made which can help you know what to prepare during this Diwali to appease Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi.

Read on to know more about the top foods liked by Ganesha and Lakshmi:


The Favorite Foods Of Lord Ganesha


These are basically sweet dumplings (prepared with rice flour) that are stuffed with jaggery and coconut. You can find a variety of modaks in different parts of India. So this Diwali, make sure to offer homemade or ready-made modaks to Lord Ganesha.


Motichoor Laddoos

After modaks, the next favourite sweet of Lord Ganesha is undoubtedly the "Motichoor Laddoos". You can always notice a big motichoor laddoo or a plate full of laddoos in the left hand of Ganesha. Thus, make sure to offer these scrumptious laddoos to Lord Ganesha this Diwali.



Ganesha loves to eat bananas because they are delicious as well as healthy. Thus, to satiate the quick hunger pangs Lord Ganesha always counts on bananas.


Puffed Rice

Puffed rice is a quick snack which is loved by Lord Ganesha. It is quite cheap and very delicious. You can also make laddoos with jaggery and puffed rice and serve it to the Lord to satiate his snack cravings.


The Favorite Foods To Offer Goddess Lakshmi


Badusha is one of the most favourite foods of Goddess Lakshmi. You can prepare these mouth-watering badushas at home as well. Those who are running out of time can buy badushas from the local sweet shops. Badushas are readily and abundantly available in the market during Diwali.



This is a traditional sweet of South India. Rice flour and jaggery are the main ingredients that are required to make this sweet, which is really liked by the Goddess.


Masala Vada or Ambode

This is also a favourite food of Devi Lakshmi. This is a spicy recipe, which is served to the Goddess as naivedya. You could buy ready-made ones or just browse the net for recipes to prepare this finger-licking food to offer Goddess Lakshmi.


Sesame Sweets or Tilkut

This is a very essential sweet that must be offered to Goddess Lakshmi during Diwali. In order to save time on the day of Diwali Puja, you can prepare these one day ahead of the Puja. The main ingredients to make this sweet are - coconut, jaggery and sesame.


Murukku or Chakli

This is another traditional recipe that is preferred by the Goddess. The main ingredients to make this dish are - Urad dal (or black gram) flour and Rice flour.



This is one of the favourite snack recipes of Goddess Lakshmi. This is a popular spicy recipe of Karnataka and is offered to Lakshmi as naivedya. Rice flour, coconut and fried gram are the main ingredients that are needed to make this snack.

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