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The Prominence Of A Tulsi Plant

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All traditional families maintain a 'tulsi' plant at home as it is an integral part of our culture. Well, there are more reasons to have a tulsi at home.

The Prominence Of A Tulsi Plant5

It is a very auspicious symbol. The leaves of tulsi are said to be therapeutic. They contain medicinal properties too. There is one more additional benefit of having tulsi in your backyard. It repels mosquitoes and other small insects.

The Prominence Of A Tulsi Plant1

If you are a person who believes in ghosts and spirits, then rest assured; tulsi repels such negative influences too. In certain parts of India, this plant is considered very sacred and people literally worship it both at home and in temples.

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Eat a tulsi leaf every day. It is good for your health and is considered to be medicinal by many. In fact, it comes with anti-microbial properties too.

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Tulsi leaves also have the potential to purify your blood. They also keep your skin and hair healthy. As it contains antioxidants and immune boosting compounds, chewing a leaf daily can be a good habit.

The Prominence Of A Tulsi Plant2

Never pluck tulsi leaves on certain days. They include lunar eclipse, ekadashi and Sundays. Also, don't pluck it during the night. It is considered inauspicious.

It is auspicious to have a tulsi plant at home. Also, lighting a lamp near it every day is said to attract prosperity and wealth. Many believe that tulsi clears the negative energy at home.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 15:57 [IST]
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