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Why Are Lemons Used In Black Magic?

By: Ajanta Sen

People often say everything is fair in love and war. This is not just a saying; it is a statement that gives birth to many evil activities that people often justify in the light of this saying.

Whenever people suffer from any type of problems in their personal or professional life due to someone or something else, then they carry out something mischievous, and that is often bad or even deadly for them on whom these are practiced on.

Why are lemons used in black magic

In some cases, people take help of black magic, a process of putting evil forces into the act of causing harm to their rivals.

Many people do not believe in black magic, but the impact of these activities is often felt by the people around us.

You may find hundreds of stories where someone closer to your home or heart has faced a terrible amount of consequences that are caused by black magic.

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These are power tricks that can only do harm to the people. You must know that these magical charms are created and executed by witches or wizards who are often evil by nature.

Why are lemons used in black magic

Though there are many ways and ingredients that the performers use in the process, the use of lemon is believed to be really deadly.

There can be many questions regarding why lemons are used specifically in black magic? Though there can be multiple reasons why lemons are used in black magic, the knowledge of the common man is not that strong.

Following can be some of the reasons why lemons are used in black magic, have a look:

Lemon Is A Powerful Medium Of Witchcraft:
This is one of the strongest reasons of why lemons are used in black magic. It is an accepted fact that lemons are very effective as a medium for carrying out the activities of witchcraft.

Most of the evil performers love to use lemons for making their witchcraft more effective. It yields them better results in a lesser time as well.

Why are lemons used in black magic

Lemon Is Effective In Carrying A Cursing Spell:
Activating the cursing spell is an important step in witchcraft that activates the charm against a particular person or persons. It is believed that lemon is very effective in activating the charm of a cursing spell.

It increases the effect of the spell manifold. The charmers get a faster result for their efforts in the end.

Lemon Has Supernatural Powers:
Very few know of this characteristic of a lemon that makes it a perfect reason to use it as an active medium in black magic.

Not only in black magic, this characteristic of lemon makes it a common medium for most of such evil activities.

Why are lemons used in black magic

Lemon Is Soft And It Allows Insertion Of Pins Easily:
Inserting pins in the medium object is an important phase of black magic. It has serious effects on the targeted person or persons. Since lemon is softer to touch, therefore, the wizards find it easier to insert pins into it.

Partial insertion causes a terrible amount of physical disability and complete insertion causes death to the aimed person. Due to the softness, lemon allows easy insertion and that is one of the important reasons why lemons are used in black magic.

Why are lemons used in black magic

Lemons Are Easily Available Everywhere:
This is one reason why lemon is used in black magic. Lemons are easily available everywhere around the year, and that is why, the charmers need absolutely no time in finding them.

Though many are unaware of why lemons are used in black magic, these are believed to be the most significant reasons for the same.

Due to these reasons, lemons are quite preferred by the wizards and witches who practice this craft. The acceptance of lemon as a good carrier of black magic is increasing rapidly.

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