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Eclipse 2022: 2 Solar And 2 Lunar Eclipses This Year, Check Date, Time, Impact On Zodiac Signs

Accordingly to astrology, celestial bodies and astronomical events such as solar eclipse and lunar eclipse hold immense significance in human lives. It is also considered to be the 'Karak of the Aatma or soul'. And the moon is considered to be the 'Karak of the mind and mother'. It is also believed that when is under eclipse then there is negative energy around us like pain and suffering.

The new year 2022 will witness 4 eclipses- 2 solar eclipses, and 2 lunar eclipses, according to Panchang. While the first solar eclipse will take place in April, the second will take place in October. Similarly, the first lunar eclipse will take place in May, and the second will take place in November. Although these will be partial eclipses, it is believed that both of these astronomical events have spiritual and religious significance. This will have an impact on all 12 zodiac signs. Scroll down the article to know about the date, time and impact of eclipses in 2022.

Eclipse 2022: Solar And Lunar Eclipses Date, Time And Place

In the year 2022, the first solar eclipse or Surya Grahan 2022 will take place on 30 April. It will be from 12:15 pm to 04.07 pm and apart from India, it will be visible in South and West America, Pacific Atlantic and Antarctica. The second solar eclipse which will be partial will take place on 25 October from 04:29 pm to 05:42 pm in the evening. People can also witness this event in Europe, Southern and Western Asia, Africa and Atlantica.

Similarly, the first lunar eclipse of the year 2022 or Chandra Grahan 2022 will start on 16 May from 7.02 am to 12.20 am. It can be seen in South-West Europe, South-West Asia, Africa, most parts of North America, South America, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Antarctica and the Atlantic Ocean. The second lunar eclipse will be seen from 1:32 pm to 7.27 pm on 08 November in North-East Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America.

Eclipse 2022: Impact Of Solar Eclipses On Zodiac Signs

The first Solar eclipse will be in Taurus on 30 April, then a second one will be in Scorpio on 25 October which is six months later.

One needs to look in a new direction to uncover new opportunities. You may feel insecure during this time because of letting go of so much control, but it will be necessary and everything will fall in place. It is believed that eclipses can bring back buried desires so that we can contemplate what we want in life. Understand change is the only constant and therefore, there is beauty in surrendering and accepting the situation as it is. There will be new challenges in the front and one has to move fast to overcome them. This will affect the financial condition but will bring new developments.

Eclipse 2022: Impact Of Lunar Eclipse On Zodiac Signs

The first lunar eclipse will be in Scorpio on 16 May, followed by the Taurus full moon on 08 November.

This is the time when you need to deal with emotions and feelings that you have ignored. Good things may come to a halt during this time, so don't fret but buckle up to deal with numerous challenges ahead and you will come out of it with flying colours. Stop chasing things that are not under your control and give them some space. You will be evolved and come out as a different person and see life from a different perspective.

Powerplay is on the cards and that can be explosive and exciting for you. This can lead to the exposing of hidden agendas, scandals and criminal activities. This is high time Taurus and Scorpio need to pull themselves together and they may have to start from scratch.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 3, 2022, 10:00 [IST]
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