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Obedience In Defiance

Zen Story, Obedience
Master Bankei had an assorted audience of different sects and ranks apart from the Zen students to listen to his words. His words were very simple straight from his heart communicated to the listeners' heart sans any quotes from the sutras or scholastic verbatim.

The large gathering for his speeches angered a priest of the Nichiren sect as the followers of the sect had left to listen to Bankei's words. The priest hence decided to pull Bankei into a debate.

He called out, "Hey, Zen teacher!" "Wait a minute. Whoever respects you will obey what you say, but a man like myself does not respect you. Can you make me obey you?

"Come up, here beside me and I will show you," said Bankei.

The priest proudly made his way through the crowd to Bankei.

Bankei smiled, "Come over to my left side."

The priest obeyed.

No, Step over here to my right as we may talk better if you are on the right side, said Bankei.

The priest proudly moved to the right

Bankei then said, "You see, you are obeying me and I think you are a very gentle person. Now sit down and listen!"

Story first published: Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 16:06 [IST]
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