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10 Interesting Facts About Ramcharitmanas

Tulsidas was born in ChitraKoot on the banks of river Yamuna in Rajapur, Uttar Pradesh which is also known as Chitrakoot. Tulsidas' mother is known to have born him in her womb for 12 long months. At the time of birth, he had a set of 32 teeth. He did not cry but uttered Rama nama which is why he was called by people affectionately as Rambol. Read on to know about Ramcharitmanas which was penned by Tulsidas.

1. While Ramcharitmanas is witten in Awadhi the Ramayana was written in Sanskrit. The differences lie in the poetic style, composition, to name a few. Valmiki authored Ramayana whereas Tulsi Das penned Ramcharitmanas. The seven steps leading to Manas Sarovar and the seven cantos of Ramchait manas both cleanse the soul.
2. Tulsidas wrote the work in seven Kandas, and they are Bala Kanda, Ayodhya Kanda, Aranya Kanda, Kishkindakand, Sundar Kanda, Lanka Kanda, and Uttar Kanda. Tulsidas renamed Yuddha kanda as Lanka Kanda. He has not written the last Kanda, which is uttarkanda.
3. Similarly, the number of verses in Ramcharitmanas are 27, the number of Chopai is 4608, and the number of Doha in Ramcharitmanas is 1074. Tulsidas was thought to be an incarnation of Maharishi Valmik whom Lord Shiva inspired in a dream, to write this epic
4. Ramcharitmanas, says that the war between asuras and vanaras lasted for 87 days, and the Ram-Ravan war went on for 32 days. The Ram setu took 5 days to complete its construction. Lord Ram 's stay in Lanka was for 111 days, and Sita's stay lasted for 435 days. During Sitas stay in Ashoka Vana, It was Sarama, Vibheeshanas wife who took care of her.
5. Ravana killed Vidyujjihva who was the husband of his sister Shurpanakha She later cursed Ravana that he should die because of a woman.
6. Kuber, just like Ravana, was also a devotee of Shiva; Shiva gave him Lanka, which Ravana confiscated from Kuber. Ravana during one of his tapasyas, severed his own head in the yagnya and presented it to Lord Shiva. Pleased with his devotion, Lord Shiva gave him 10 heads and called him Dashanan (the one with ten heads).
7. As per Ramcharitmanas, Rama had an elder sister by name Shanta who was an adopted daughter of Dasharatha.
8. Meghnad, Ravan's Son, was born with a boon that he should be killed only at the hands of the person who had not slept for 14 years. Lakshman fit this bill perfectly and hence was able to kill him.
9. Tulsidas has hinted in many works that he had a vision of Hanuman, Rama Lakshmana and Shiva Parvathi. After seeing Hanuman, he also had a vision of Rama whom unfortunately Tulsi Das was not able to recognise.

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