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Osho Story On Zen Master Rinzai
A beautiful story narrated by Osho about Zen Master Rinzai.Rinzai lived withhis master for almost twenty years. One day Rinzai went and occupied his master's seat. The master who walked into the room, seeing Rinzai on his sit, quietly occupied Rinzai;s ...
Osho Stories Zen Master Rinzai

Buddhahood Is All Encompassing
Buddhahood is all encompassing. A short zen story reveals the truth. Basho was grieving at the death of his master. Basho was an enlightened soul and an aesthetic being. He took interest in painting and writing poems as well. ...
Do you bathe when you bathe?
Everyday early in the morning, a Zen Master asked his disciples: “How many of you have bathed this morning?” Almost all the disciples raise their hands dutifully. Next question: How many of you are aware you bathed when you did?Not a ...
Inner Awareness Complete
Experiencing And Expressing Love
To tell you honestly, it is very difficult to define love exactly. Mere words cannot express it precisely. I am trying to use a few words here and there so that some word will click within you.Love is an intense experience ...
How To Cross A River !
To be unruffled within while in the thick of activities is true wisdom. A short Zen story explains the truth.A Zen master was crossing a small river with his disciple. The disciple asked, “Master what is the way to cross the ...
Short Zen Story Osho True Wisdom
Extreme Concentration And Enlightenment
Extreme concentration can bring about enlightenment. A short Zen story illustrates the truth.A Zen seeker was working hard on a Koan, the answer to which he could not derive. He tried hard but could not. He was gripped with fear of ...
Osho's Zen Koan
A man once asked Osho for a fresh Zen Koan as he had the answers at hand from the scriptures for the other Koans.Osho related a conversation between him and another follower. Once a German sannyasi who was a man of ...
Zen Koan Short Story
The Meaning Of Serenity
What is the meaning of serenity? A short Zen story reveals the truth.Yoka, the Zen master says, “The moon rises above the river. On the bank the winds play softly in the pines all night long, pure and calm. What is ...
Gessen's Attitude Of Non Attachment
To be free of attachment is the sign of a true monk. A short Zen story illustrates the truth.Gessan, the Zen monk was an artist. He demanded a huge amount as a fee from his clients even before he commenced his ...
Short Story Non Attachment True Monk
The Severe Zen Teaching
A short Zen story speaks of the severity of a Zen master which ultimately resulted in the enlightenment of an unusual number of ten disciples.Zen pupils pledge that they will learn Zen unswervingly even if their life is at stake at ...
Buddha's Definition Of Meditation
Gautama Buddha was once asked by a student,What is meditation?The founder of Zen said, “Halt!”He continued, “If it halts, then that is meditation”The master further clarified, “The thought process of the mind does not stop. If it halts, then that is ...
Buddha Definition Meditation Pure Awareness
Emptiness, Is It True Silence?
In the state of true silence there is nothing to be experienced. A Zen story illustrates the truth.A disciple of Yoka kept approaching him gleefully with all his spiritual experiences that he encountered in his meditation sessions. He related to ...
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