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11 Facts About Ovarian Cancer That You Should Know About
Today is World Cancer Day, where the entire world has united together in the fight against the global cancer epidemic. It is a global observance that helps raise people's awareness of cancer and how to prevent, detect or treat it. Today, ...
Facts About Ovarian Cancer That You Should Know About

Benign Tumours: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment
Non-cancerous growths in the body are known as benign tumours. These are the exact opposite of cancerous tumours. Whereas cancerous tumours spread to other parts of the body very fast, benign tumours do not spread. They can be found in any ...
Akthari Ansari Gives Birth To Miracle Baby
Akthari Ansari gave birth to a health girl child after facing several challenges and being the first women I India to have been operated for a tumour in advanced pregnancy. Pregnancy complications started showing on the fifth month of her pregnancy. ...
Ovarian Tumour Pregnancy Akthari Ansari 230211 Aid
Pituitary Tumour Symptoms And Treatment
Pituitary is the master Endocrine gland, like other Endocrine gland it can be affected by tumour. Fortunately most pituitary tumour are benign. The symptom of pituitary tumour are headache, sight problem or problems with Pituitary hormone secretion as told before. Once ...
Blood Pressure Drugs Prevent Cancer Spread
The ability of breast cancer to spread around the body can be reduced with the help of blood pressure drugs, says the new studies. The drugs can block the hormones that trigger the spread of cancer cells. Breast cancer is most ...
Blood Pressure Drugs Prevent Cancer Spread
Synthetic Peptide Benefits Lung Transplants
Synthetic peptide can enhance lung transplantation, says the new studies conducted by the scientists.With in 72 hours of transplant, patients can have the excess fluid and other problems which can significantly reduce short-term survival odds and long-term lung function. Around 10 ...
Star Jones Recovering After Heart Surgery
The famous American television personality Star Jones is currently recuperating, after undergoing a heart surgery last week.Her cardiac operation was associated with a surgery, she had 30 years ago to remove thoracic tumour. Jones turns 48 on 24th March. Her representative ...
Star Jones Recovering
Breathotron, Can Smell Cancer Cells
British scientists have invented a machine which can “smell” cancer in your system.Brainchild of academics at Cranfield University in Bedfordshire, the Breathotron detects chemical changes in a patient’s breath, which can detect tumor.Professor Hugh Barr, who is leading the research, said: ...
Cancer Protective Genes In People With Down Syndrome
When John Langdon Down first discovered this chromosomal disorder in human body way back in 1866, little was known to the world about how one could counter the same. In retrospect, there have been a lot of measures ...
Down Syndrome Chromosome
World's Youngest Baby To Survive Tumor
Madison Quartarone is just a few weeks old and she already has a world record to her credit. The British baby was found to have a benign brain tumor when only a week old. ...
Therapeutic Target For Cancer Identified
The attempts to nab the ferocious cancer has reached a turning point. Researchers from the Wistar Institute have found a potential therapeutic target that can help keep killer T cells in prime shape for fighting infection and cancer. ...
Cancer Treatment T Cells Immune System
Skin Cancer 'Cured' Using Cloned Cells
<p>A team of US researchers claims to have successfully treated a skin cancer patient with cells cloned from his own immune system.<br /><br /> Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle took cancer-fighting immune cells, made five billion ...
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