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Acupuncture Helps Anxious Dental Patients
A visit to the dentist provokes extreme fear and anxiety in many people. But a recent study suggests that acupuncture can prove helpful in the management of the uneasiness, related to dental treatment.The fear and anxiety ahead of the dental visit ...
Acupuncture Cures Anxiety Dental Patients

Michael Danced For Hours To Beat Insomnia
A friend of the late, King of Pop star, Rob Goldstone, has revealed that Michael danced for hours to beat what he had suffered for a long time - insomnia.A friend of Michael Jackson has revealed that the late King of ...
Normal Sleep Linked To Healthy Aging
A new study has shown that normal sleep is related to healthy aging, thereby reinforcing the idea that good sleep is of utmost importance for good health. ...
Normal Sleep Healthy Aging Snoring