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Photopsia: Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment
Photopsia is the subjective sensation of lights, sparks, or colours due to electrical or mechanical stimulation in your eyes. It is the presence of perceived flashes of light. Basically, it is a symptom developed from seeing flashes of light or of ...
Photopsia Causes Symptoms Treatment

Glaucoma Starts In Brain Not Eye
The long known association of Glaucoma with Eye has been proved wrong by researchers. Blindness from Glaucoma starts with an injury in the brain, not the eye, researchers have claimed.A team, headed by David Calkins, have confirmed that the disease of ...
Gene Therapy For Blindness Improves Vision
Researchers from University of Florida and University of Pennsylvania have successfully able to restore vision among patients with a rare form of congenital blindness using gene therapy, thus showing that the treatment is fully safe.<br/><br/> In Leber Congenital Amaurosis type 2 ...
Gene Therapy Blindness Vision
Artificial retina implant
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 16 (Reuters) A tiny electrical implant that attaches to the retina may someday restore partial sight to millions of patients blinded by age-related macular degeneration, US researchers said.<br/><br/> The device, in the early stages of human clinical testing, ...
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