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Navagraha Temples

Kanjanur- Lord Sukra-Navagraha Temple Details
About the templeLord Shiva and Parvati in Kanjanur are worshipped as Agneeswarar and Karpagavalli Amman. Lord Shiva Himself is worshipped as Sukran and therefore the absence of a separate shrine for the Navagraha, Sukra. It is a belief that Lord Shiva ...
Navagraha Temple Sukra Kanjanur Details

Kanjanur-Navagrahasthalam Of Lord Sukra
Lord Sukra (Venus) of the nine planets plays a significant part in one's life according to Hinduism. He is the one who bestows all the comforts in one's life and hence the placement of Sukra in one's horoscope is of prime ...
Navagrahasthalam (Raaghusthalam) -Thirunageshwaram
The nine planets or the 'Navagrahas' have a very important place in the Hindu tradition and Indian astrology. They are worshipped at different places for the removal of their malefic impact over people's lives and for the ...
Thirunageswaram Raaghusthalam Navagraha
Thirunallar-The Shani Temple (Navagrahasthalam)
The very mention of the place 'Thirunallaru' brings about the thought of Shani Bhagavan (the planet Saturn) in an instant. The disciplinarian of the Navagrahas, Lord Shani graces all those afflicted who throng at His feet in ...
The Divine Physician-Vaideeswaran Koil
The Lord is the author of all that is created. He is also the sustainer and the destructor of all that is manifested. As a sustainer he enriches and safeguards creation until the due period of dissolution arrives as assigned ...
Indian Temples Vaideeswaran Koil

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