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Cosmetics and medicines are ways to quick cure to several health and beauty problems but unfortunately they all have side effects. Thus, the best way to cure health and beauty problems is to follow home remedies. Home remedies are natural cures using natural ingredients which do not have side effects and is a permanent cure to all problems. This section has several home remedies for all problems and these home remedies are well tested. Home remedies are now gaining heightened popularity across the globe.
How To Treat Acne With Carrot Juice
Acne can be seriously troublesome. We don't even realise when it starts to affect our lives in a big way. With acne, we start feeling self-conscious and it has a huge impact on our social life. In the end, we turn ...
5 Excellent Ways Coffee Can Help With Hair Growth
Coffee is an indispensable part of our lives. Our day starts with a cup of coffee. But, coffee can do much more than providing you a dose of energy. Especially for those who are looking for ways to promote hair growth. ...
How To Use Coffee For Hair Growth
How To Use Amla Juice To Promote Hair Growth
Amla juice is a popular health drink that might not appeal to the taste buds but is greatly beneficial for your internal systems. But, its benefits does not stop there. When it comes to hair growth, amla juice can prove to ...
How To Use Amla Juice For Hair Growth
5 Effective Remedies For Acne On Nose
Waking up in the morning to a pimple on the nose is enough to put anyone in a bad mood, right? Acne is a skin condition that we all dread. More so because most of the time, it does not limit ...
4 Brilliant Ways To Use Ginger Juice For Hair Growth
Ginger is a herb that has been extensively used in Ayurveda for thousands of years now. Yes, it isn't just a food spice that enhances the flavour of your favourite delicacies. It is a medicinal ingredient that holds an important place ...
How To Use Ginger Juice For Hair Growth
15 Amazing Tea Tree Oil Remedies For Hair Growth
Hair growth is a long and tiring process. It is also often is a process that takes many trials and errors. And lately home remedies and DIY solutions have become the most popular way to get evident results and boost hair ...
12 Simple And Effective Ways To Use Rose Water For Acne
Rose water is a powerful natural ingredient whose full potential we haven't tapped into yet. At the most, we use rose water to tone our face or cleanse it. Did you know that rose water is an effective remedy for many ...
Rose Water For Acne
Suffering From Hair Loss? Here’s How Banana Can Help
With our crazy lifestyle choices, improper hair care routine, exposure to the sun, dirt and pollution coupled with the unhealthy eating habits, there is no surprise that so many of us suffer from hair loss. And then there goes the whole ...
Banana For Hair Loss
Hair Oil Concoctions That Promise Reduced Hair Fall
Hair fall that gets out of control can be devastating. More frustrating can be not knowing how to control the hair fall. It can give you sleepless nights. But, hold on! Have you given the most popular hair fall remedy a ...
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