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Cosmetics and medicines are ways to quick cure to several health and beauty problems but unfortunately they all have side effects. Thus, the best way to cure health and beauty problems is to follow home remedies. Home remedies are natural cures using natural ingredients which do not have side effects and is a permanent cure to all problems. This section has several home remedies for all problems and these home remedies are well tested. Home remedies are now gaining heightened popularity across the globe.
10 Quick Home Remedies To Reduce Knee Pain
Knee pain is one of the most common orthopaedic problems reported in people of all ages. It is caused by wear and tear of the knee joint due to ageing or some other factors. There are some effective home remedies for ...
Quick Home Remedies To Reduce Knee Pain
DIY Anti-Ageing Creams For Youthful Skin
Signs of skin ageing are difficult to fight. As we age, our skin does too. It starts to sag and fine lines and wrinkles become prominent. And then we resort to the various anti-ageing creams that claim to treat fine lines ...
Diy Anti Ageing Creams For Youthful Skin
Benefits Of Orange Peel And How To Use It
The peel of an orange is discarded by us without a single thought. After all, you have already savoured the delicious fruit and what is left is of no use, right? Wrong. The peel of an orange has some amazing properties ...
7 Effective Natural Remedies To Help Treat Oedema
Oedema occurs when excess fluid gets accumulated in the body's tissues, especially in the hands, feet, arms, ankles and legs. This causes swelling and discomfort. Oedema can happen as a result of pregnancy, medication, congestive heart failure, kidney disease or liver ...
Home Remedies For Edema
Dyspnea (Shortness Of Breath): 9 Effective Home Remedies
Dyspnea or shortness of breath as its commonly called happens when a person has trouble breathing in the air {desc_1}. This causes difficulty in breathing as the air doesn't get into the lungs. The most common causes of dyspnea are asthma, ...
7 Effective Home Remedies For Chickenpox
Chickenpox is a contagious disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus. It causes itchy rashes with fluid-filled blisters and flu-like symptoms. While chickenpox mostly affects children, adults can also contract it if they have been exposed to the virus. This article will ...
Home Remedies For Chickenpox
10 Effective Home Remedies To Ease Pain Caused By Dry Socket
Dry socket occurs when the blood clot either moves out, dissolves or never develops at the site of tooth extraction. It develops after a permanent tooth is extracted. The symptoms of dry socket include bad breath, mild fever, throbbing pain in ...
How To Use Geranium Oil To Tackle Different Skin Issues
Skin issues are not as uncommon as you would think. Almost every one of us suffers from one skin issue or the other. And the search for the remedies seems never-ending. And essential oils must have come up in your research ...
Geranium Oil For Skin Benefits And How To Use
5 Dark Chocolate Face Masks To Pamper Your Skin
Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is a treat to our taste buds and senses. But, what if we tell you that this yummy delight can benefit your skin in many amazing ways? Well, that is true. Dark chocolate is a treasure-trove of ...
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