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Why Happy People Are Not Very Active On Social Media?
The first thing that youngsters do these days when they wake up is to upload a picture and share every moment on social media. But this is something that can pressurise a person to share the things that do not even ...
Why Happy People Are Not Very Active On Social Media

Unbelievable Achievements Of Humans
A human body has been a subject of studies since years. Researchers have a comprehensive knowledge of how the human body actually works and functions and what it is capable of doing. There are many restrictions and limitations that a human ...
Kick-start Your New Year By Doing These!
Every new year, there are many resolutions made. There are hardly any such resolutions that most of us accomplish or complete. However, there are a few simple ones that one can instantly connect to and stick to them. These are the ...
Kickstart Your New Year By Doing These
A Reply From Mukesh Ambani To A Pretty Girl
With the social sites taking charge of our daily lives, we are lucky that it helps us to stay updated with the latest happenings around us. Sometimes, we might receive great advices from famous personalities or be bullied or left embarrassed ...
Life Is Beyond Your Logic
Most of us unconsciously believe that life is filled with incidents that are under the control of our logic. But life again and again reminds you of the truth that life is beyond your logic. You are reminded of this fact, ...
Life Logic Meaning Dropping Ego
A Cultured, Educated Life-Part IV
Continued From Part IIIFinally, education should include true understanding of what the goal of life is. Every science starts its investigations with the many and points to the one truth underlying the many: Physics talks of one energy that expresses itself ...
Life Is Precious-Part II
Accepting the Spiritual IdealThe first step towards gathering the precious life-diamonds is to wake up to the fact that life is precious, because it has a precious destiny. Human beings are not born without an inherent higher purpose. Whatever be the ...
Spiritual Ideal Self Realization Life
Teenagers Look Forward to Finish Studies and Quit Home
The primary goal of teenagers now is to finish their academic studies and leave home to enjoy their liberty. This was studied by two researchers from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC).The study further explained about teenagers' relationship between goal ...
No Goal, No Achievement!
Is there a goal for an enlightened person? A short Sufi story illustrates the fact.A man made his way to the Zawia, the place where those enlightened assemble, to sit at their feet. He read about these dervishes who were instructed ...
No Goal Short Sufi Story Osho
Training Children To Lead A Spontaneous Life
A small story: In a Christian household, a girl was sitting at the dinner table with her mother. Food was served at the table and she started eating her food without saying grace. The mother ...
Female Breadwinners Have A Lot On Their Plate
A female breadwinner of the family undergoes a variety of emotions. Control, independence, ambition, pressure, worry, guilt and resentment are the ranges of emotions that she has to deal with.Women enjoy having the power of control and independence. ...
Female Breadwinners Emotions
Goal setting and achieving the goal... Contd
To give a broad, balanced coverage of all-important areas in your life, try to set goals in some these categories (or in categories of your own, where these are important to you): Artistic: Do you want to achieve any artistic goals? ...
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