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Gene Editing: Everything You Need To Know
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the carrier of genetic information and is present in living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes. It basically defines the distinctive characteristics of someone or something. This characteristic is technically identified to be unchangeable {desc_1} . ...
Gene Editing

The Rapid Cell Division In Cancer Can Be Controlled
Scientists from Michigan State University have identified a new mechanism that will help them move closer to finding an 'off switch' for cancer.It's a known fact that cancer cells divide uncontrollably, finally leading the organ to be completely ...
Gene Variations Behind Bipolar Disorder Uncovered
Cientists in the U.S. have found an association between bipolar disorder and variation in two genes involved in the balance of sodium and calcium in brain cells."A neuron's excitability – whether it will fire – hinges on this delicate equilibrium," Nature ...
Genetic Variations Bipolar Disorder
Genome Mining
Big pharmaceutical companies made a mistake in giving up using soil bacteria as a source of antibiotics, say researchers who have now used 'genome mining" for finding new natural products that may have help in the treatment of superbug Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and cancer. ...
Toxin Receptor For Stomach Pathogen Identified
A research team, including two Indian-origin scientists, has discovered that ulcer-causing stomach pathogen, called Helicobacter pylori, enters the stomach"s inhospitable environment via a novel toxin receptor called sphingomyelin. ...
Stomach Pathogen Toxin Receptor Cancer
Ten New Genes That Influence Height Discovered
London : Different people have different sizes, and scientists have taken a major step in unravelling the mystery behind this variation by discovering ten new genes that regulate body height and may further help in disclosing details about biological pathways controlling human growth. ...
International Symposium on Genetic Health
Amritsar, : There was a need to spread awareness about the genetic diseases and a simple book should be added to the school curriculum on the subject, distinguished international genetic scientists stressed here. ...
Genetic International Symposium
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