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Father’s Day 2021: Real-Life People Share The Importance Of Fathers In Their Lives

Father is not just a term but a feeling that comes with huge responsibilities. He is the one who makes us believe that no matter what happens, there's someone who always has our back. He will always hold us no matter what and do whatever best for us. It is possible that he may not be your biological father, he will always ensure that you live a better and comfortable life.

It is true that fathers can never see their children in pain. Even if your father isn't vocal about his love and affection for you, he will never let you feel alone and helpless in this world. Perhaps, therefore, fathers are always their children's real-life superheroes. So, this Father's Day, which falls on 20 June, let us celebrate these special men in our lives.

On Father's Day 2021, Boldsky got in touch with beautiful people who shared some beautiful and heart-touching stories. They have penned down the emotions and love that their hearts hold for their fathers.

Sandra Ajith, from Taliparamba, Kannur (Kerala) says that she feels extremely blessed to have her father in her life. She says, "Though my mom and dad are equally special in my life, dad gets a special mention this father's day. I always cherish the beautiful memories of the wonderful time that I shared with my dad. I would like to share these moments as they are quite close to my heart.

When I was in the first standard, I fell down and scraped my knee. Due to this, I also got a fever. But until I recovered, my father, my hero was always by my side to ease my pain. To ensure that I am having a sound sleep, he didn't care to even blink his eyes.

Even now, if I ever have trouble sleeping, I always remember him staying awake, so that his princess could peacefully sleep without any worries. His caring attitude taught me a lot about love and care. My role model, my superhero will always be my father and I'll always be a proud daddy's girl."

Sowbarniha T from Tamil Nadu says her father is her mentor and encourager. On asking more about it, she says, "Dear Appa, you have always taught me how to walk with utmost confidence even when life tried to bring you down in whichever way it could. You taught me to live my life with contentment and be happy with whatever I have. You taught me to not take problems so seriously and enjoy my life with full zeal. Last but not the least, you taught me how to love myself and that's what I am thankful for. Happy Father's day, Appa!"

"My morning becomes beautiful and light if my father wakes me up in the morning and I get to see his beaming warm smile as the first thing in the morning. Years have passed, but my theory about my father waking me up in the morning still stays the same," says Sarga Ajith from Taliparamba, Kannur (Kerala).

She further says, "I love my father for the kind of person he is. My sister and I would always anticipate when he comes back from work. Come rain or wind, he would always have a packet of sweets ready for us. The home seems quite lively and warm when he is around. He is my pillar of strength. On this Father's Day, I would like to wish my wake-up theory to stay true forever. Love, forever daddy's girl."

Vivek Vinod, a resident of Calicut says, "My father loves to live for the small and simple pleasures in life. He is always ready for a laugh and brightens the moment with a song in hand. He always insists life is beyond money. He says, 'Have enough but don't waste having more of anything'. And this is his all-time favourite motto."

"Whether it be our time, choices or food, at the end of the day we should be able to sleep with a content and happy heart. He has always taught me to earn respect from people. He says, 'Treat your partner right and understand people around you'. After all, this is what makes life joyful. I have been looking up to you from the day I can remember, and I hope, I'll make you proud someday. Thank you for everything Acha. I love you," he adds.

Shilpa Shivadas recalls her childhood memories and some precious moments shared with her father. She says, "Being a dad can be difficult, it's a full-time responsibility and requires plenty of patience. But you always did your best. Therefore, YOU ARE THE BEST!
You made growing up fun, remember the first time you beat me when I was 3? I cried and ran to you, rather than running away, haha."

I'm not great at writing down my feelings, but all I would want to do is express my gratitude to you. Thank you for the unconditional love and the lessons that you taught me. What makes me feel elated is to know that I am part of you. In my life, I'm no doubt grateful for many things, but you are the most special one!! I love you endlessly."

No doubt, fathers play an important role in our lives and are always their source of inspiration. Even if we grow old, it is true that we will always need our fathers in our lives.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!!!

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