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How To Make Your Partner Comfortable After Marriage: 6 Tips That Can Come Handy

Marriage is considered an important institution in India and is a lifelong commitment between two people and also their families. In an arranged marriage setup, it is the women who leave their parents' house and shift with the groom's family. This can be initially challenging and there can be a lot of adjustments that one needs to take care of. And not having a good rapport with the in-laws from the very beginning can be scary and have a negative impact on the marriage from the start.

Considering it is the woman who is stepping into a new home and leaving her entire life and family behind, we have curated 6 tips that will come in handy for a husband when they try to make their partner feel happy and comfortable after marriage.

1. Make Her Feel Comfortable Around Your Family Members

Start having casual conversations about your family so that they don't feel out of place whenever there is a conversation with a new set of people. This will reduce their hesitation too whenever there is a gathering in the house. Once she is aware of their likes and dislikes, they can put in the effort required or initiate a conversation accordingly.

2. Appreciate Her, Even Little Things Count

Compliment them whenever you can and show how much you value them for everything they have done for you. You need to say the words or can also appreciate them by getting them gifts. But, even saying thank you and little acts of gratitude can make them feel extremely comfortable and happy.

3. Spend Some Quality Time With Your Partner

Pay attention whenever your partner is talking or sharing something with you. This will make them feel emotionally safe. Also, show them how interested you are in knowing them. You can share a movie and cuddles to comfort them. Understand that even if you have your entire family with you, she has just you. Therefore, becoming her best friend is essential.

4. Help Her While She Does Household Chores

When a woman steps into a new house, she is expected to know the lifestyle, food habits and more. Therefore, it is the husband's duty to make his wife familiar with the chores. This will speak volumes about how much you care for her and are also willing to share the responsibilities.

5. Console Her In Difficult Situations

In a new house, dealing with difficult situations alone can be tough. Therefore, console her by saying words that will make her feel good and console her. Make her understand that she is not alone and that you will take a stand whenever required.

6. Make Her Emotionally Safe

Love, support and care- All that a woman needs from her husband and her new family. Also, a bit of romance will make her feel how much you are into her. Trusting each other won't happen in a jiffy. If you can show her through your actions that you are a reliable person and she can share her feelings with you, then it will certainly make her comfortable.

Story first published: Wednesday, December 28, 2022, 10:00 [IST]
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