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Why Do Indian Couples Fight?

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Indian couples fight more than the western couples, says a new study. Indian couples fight over the silliest of things and then their relationship falls apart which often leads to a divorce.

Relationship experts suggest that instead of fighting and continuing to yell at each other, communicating and sorting out the issue makes more sense.

Why Do Indian Couples Fight So Much?

When a couple fights, their minds are racing and words are flown at each other in rapid speed. When you fight, it is necessary to think and speak as you have the tendency to utter a lot of things which might hurt the other person.

If you thought that dowry and custody of kids was the only things Indian couples fought for, you are wrong.

Indian Couples

Today, Boldsky states some of the crazy things most Indian couples fight for and end up not resolving their issue. If you are one of those people who constantly fight with the spouse, then this is a read you must not miss.

So, take a look at why Indians find a reason to fight with the one they love. You might find it funny as well, and most of all shameful:

reason why couples fight

Financial Issues: When money gets hold of your marriage there are bond to be problems. Financial issues have to be controlled together and if the problem of debt or being broke arises, try to sort it out with each other, and not bring a third person into the conflict.

marriage advice

Kids Are The Reason: Kids make a family complete. But, when it comes to their work and looking after, both parents need to take the initiative into looking after them. Piling all the work on one spouse isn't going to be nice and comforting.

The In-law Interference: One of the reasons why many Indian couples fight is due to the interference of the in-laws and relatives. Never let a third person into your fight as it could turn out to be a disaster.


Household Duties: Share the household duties with each other, especially if the two of you are working. This can take off the load from each other, if your'l lend a helping hand.

reasons for fights in marriages

When It Is Vacation Time: Planning a vacation time should be fun. It is a time when the two of you are taking time off to be with each other and the family. So, compromise with the spouse.

The Troublesome Past: Never let the past crawl up in your relationship as it can tear you apart. Keep the past in the closet or burn it forever.

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Story first published: Friday, March 25, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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