Is It Healthy To Stay In A Bad Marriage?

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There are no good marriages or bad marriages; but when two people find it difficult to live under the same roof then we can assume that the marriage isn't working.

Is It Healthy To Stay In A Bad Marriage

Today, there are so many couples who still drag their married lives for several reasons even when there are frequent fights over every small thing.

Is It Healthy To Stay In A Bad Marriage2

Some reasons they prefer to stick together could be children, financial dependence and social issues that might arise if they opt for divorce.

Is It Healthy To Stay In A Bad Marriage3

What do relationship experts say? Well, anyone would say that unhealthy relationships could wreck peace. Staying in an abusive relationship may totally spoil life.

Is It Healthy To Stay In A Bad Marriage4

If frequent arguments happen in a relationship, things get worse later on as it indicates lack of compatibility and love.

Is It Healthy To Stay In A Bad Marriage5

And then every single argument or fight increases the desire to take revenge on the partner. This kind of a negative emotion builds up over time but never reduces. If that is the case, living longer with a partner who is building up negative feelings over you is unwise, right?

Is It Healthy To Stay In A Bad Marriage6

And when it comes to abusive relationships, living with a spouse who abuses you could be very unhealthy. This is because you live with fear, self-defense, resentment and regrets which make life hell. And when you prolong such a relationship, you are prolonging pain.

Is It Healthy To Stay In A Bad Marriage7

Of course, no expert would recommend a divorce for a short term problem. But when a problem develops into a long term one, it is better to deal with it by moving on.

Is It Healthy To Stay In A Bad Marriage8

Most of us have certain primary goals of life. They are earning money, getting married, having kids or buying cars; but life can be beautiful and meaningful only when a human being targets peace and love as primary objectives.

Is It Healthy To Stay In A Bad Marriage9

That is the reason why couples may need to handle the marriage with care and take a wise decision whether it is living together or moving away from each other.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 3, 2016, 11:54 [IST]
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