Causes Of Loneliness In Marriage

By: Padmapreetham Mahalingam
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Everybody goes through a rough patch in their lives, and there is no doubt that loneliness can affect us emotionally. When it comes to loneliness in marriage, it can seriously cause chaos and damage to the relationship. Feeling isolated in a marriage can be due to failing emotional connection, lack of physical intimacy and also when both, the husband and wife, are caught in work obligations.

Unfortunately loneliness in marriage, can make you feel bitter about your partner and you want to move away from them and rely on others for friendship and support, which can also spell its end. But this never happens overnight. The tell-tale signs are there all along, you just have to start seeing it as soon as things start to change, if you really want to save your marriage and your sanity.

Causes Of Loneliness In Marriage

Causes of loneliness in marriage:

Lack of communication

First of all, a lot of times separation happens when married couples fail to communicate in their relationship. Probably this happens when couples chose to stuff their real feelings inside them and never try to open up even when their marriage is going through a crisis.

Bullying and terrorising
There are times when you go through loneliness and isolation when you are facing an emotional attack. Emotional abuse happens when your spouse tries to hurt you and threatens to leave. In this scenario, the man tries to keep you under his control and never lets you mingle with friends and family.

Chock-a-block schedule
In today's world, life has become hectic but this shouldn't stop couples from taking out enough time for each other. A lot of marriages fail when your husband is bust in his work or out on business trips. This can be particularly problematic since more alone time is never emotionally healthy.

Craving for emotional support
Men don't understand that women crave for emotional support, more than financial one. That is why many women want their husbands to bond with them like they are their girlfriend. Apparently they feel discarded and lonely in marriage when their spouse is not emotionally responsive.

Rare physical intimacy
When there is a lack of sexual intimacy between couples, this can make them feel alienated and distanced. When hugs, snuggling and physical connection is missing then the love can start to fizzle out.

Lack of together time
Women in general cannot tolerate being alone. Women always yearn for a company. And when married couples don't spend time together, their relationship will end gradually.

Loneliness hits everyone but the best way to overcome it is by pursuing an interest and doing things that make us happy. To prevent loneliness in marriage, learn to balance work, friends and spouse to start feeling wanted in each others' life.

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Story first published: Saturday, June 29, 2013, 9:01 [IST]
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