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Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

A marriage is a bond with a husband and a wife. It is a special union which is created by God. They say marriages last forever but hat happens when your spouse cheats on you?

It is always said that in many marriages, the husband tends to have cheating traits and the wife has to bear it all. What if you have an unfaithful wife?

But what will be the outcome if it is the other way around, the unfaithful wife cheating on her husband.

Here below is some ways where you can find out if you have a cheating wife. One thing to keep in mind is to pay close attention to her change in behaviour. These are signs of a cheating spouse.

1.It is widely known that women love to talk and men the patient listeners. If you have a talkative wife who has just stopped talking to you and not sharing her daily activites with you nor telling you about her whereabouts, its time you start keeping a close watch. Being secretive in a marriage is one of the main signs of a cheating spouse.

2.A caring wife is what all husbands want. If there is a sudden change in your wife's behaviour and her levels of love and care have decreased, it is time you ask her what is new in her life that her behaviour has changed. Emotional changes like moodiness and showing lack of interest in you is also one of a great signs of a cheating spouse.

3.If she does not show any signs of being needy then there is something behind her thoughts, she is a cheating wife. Is it because she is being treated by another man? If your unfaithful wife shows signs that she does not want you to buy her anything or she brings gifts home often, excusing that she bought it etc then it is a positive sign she is cheating on you. You will also notice that money is becoming an issue between the two of you.

4.Intimacy is just fading away. If your cheating wife shows dis interest in making love to you and pushing you away over and over again. It maybe because she is with a better lover who drives her wild.This is another prominent signs of a cheating spouse.

5.Avoidance is also another sign of cheating in marriages. She may not want to be seen with you or attend any functions with you of late and this could be that she is seeing someone without your knowledge.

These signs of a cheating spouse causes marriage problems and thus ends in bitter divorces.

Story first published: Monday, November 22, 2010, 11:33 [IST]
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