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Valentine’s Week 2021: Meaning Of Teddy Bears Of Different Colours On Teddy Day

How will you feel if someone gives you a soft, cute and beautiful teddy bear? We are sure that you won't be able to resist the cuteness of the soft toy. Even if you are grown up and do not believe in playing with a soft toy, you will definitely find the teddy bear adorable. Now if you are wondering why we are talking about teddy bears, then you need to know that it is Teddy Day i.e., the fourth day of Valentine's Week. Every year, Teddy Day is observed on 10 February to celebrate the cute and lovely moments of one relationship.

On this day, couples usually give each other teddy bears to express their affection and love. When it comes to giving teddy bears to one's partner, people are often confused between teddy bears of different colours. Well, if you can also relate to this, then fret no more as we are here to help you. Scroll down the article to read more.

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Yellow Teddy Bear

The yellow colour is said to be the colour of sunshine, energy, intellect, joy and radiance. Giving a yellow colour teddy to your love interest shows that you are always full of energy and joy. If you know someone who is quite energetic and handles stress like a pro, then you can surely give this teddy to that person. However, it is also believed that receiving a yellow colour teddy bear means your partner wants to cut ties from you.


White Teddy Bear

The colour white is associated with purity, positive spirit, beauty, harmony and simplicity. When you give someone a white teddy bear, it shows that you are proud of that person's simplicity and positive spirit and beauty. It also shows a friendly gesture. So you can give this white teddy bear to someone who is close to you but is still a friend.


Purple Teddy Bear

Purple is believed to have made up of red and blue shade. When we talk about Purple Teddy Bear, it represents energy, power, luxury and nobility. The colour is also associated with romance and love. Giving a purple colour teddy bear to your crush or a special person shows that you are looking forward to fostering a romantic relationship with him/her.


Pink Teddy Bear

It is said that the pink colour represents compassion, nurturing, love and compassion. Any shade of pink colour symbolises eternal and unconditional love. Giving a pink colour teddy bear to someone shows that you love that person unconditionally and eternally. Accepting the pink colour teddy bear shows that you have finally accepted the proposal of that person.


Red Teddy Bear

Red is the colour of true love, passion, romance, strength, power and determination. A red colour teddy bear shows never-ending love and passion for your relationship. When you give this teddy bear to a person, you tend to show how you feel for that person. Giving a red colour teddy shows that you are smitten on the one who receives it.


Orange Teddy Bear

The orange colour is said to symbolise joy, happiness, sunshine, creativity, fascination and enthusiasm. Not only this, but the colour is also associated with fire. If someone gives you an orange colour teddy bear then this shows that the person is willing to propose to you. It would be no wrong to say that an orange colour teddy bear is more like a hint for you to be ready to get proposed by someone special.


Blue Teddy Bear

The blue colour teddy bear is quite beautiful and adorable. The blue colour symbolises depth, intelligence, truth, loyalty, stability and confidence. Giving a blue colour teddy bear shows that you are communicating your loyalty and trust. It also says that you are proud to have such a wonderful person in your life.


Brown Teddy Bear

Though brown colour is often considered to be a bit dangerous, it symbolises security, stability, strong support and protection. If your relationship has been through tough times and you are looking forward to ensuring its stability, then giving a brown teddy bear to your love interest can be a great thing. However, some people believe that one should give a brown teddy bear only if he/she has hurt the sentiments of his/her partner.


Green Teddy Bear

Green is a beautiful colour and said to symbolise harmony, growth, freshness, fertility and natural beauty. Giving a green teddy bear shows that you are emotionally connected to that person in the true sense and are proud to have romantic feelings for that person. If you are looking forward to communicating your feelings and emotions to your partner, you can surely give a green colour teddy bear to your favourite person.