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13 Sweet And Adorable Things That Your Man May Want To Listen From You

Do you think your man is not romantic or doesn't like hearing cheesy lines from you? If you think so, then you may be wrong. Love and affection need to go both ways. Everyone likes to feel loved including men. You may not know this but men too love to receive compliments from their women.

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1. ‘I Trust You’

What could be a better compliment than letting your man know that you trust him? As trust is one of the most important pillars of a strong relationship, your man will feel delighted after knowing that you trust him. He will then always try his best to stay honest and loyal to you. If he loves you truly, he will never do a work that would create any misunderstanding between you.


2. ‘You Are So Handsome’

Compliments can no doubt make anyone go pink. When you let your man know that he is looking good and attractive, this will surely make him feel special. Whenever you pass any compliment regarding his looks, he will remember it and will realise that you are attracted to him. Not only this, but he will try his best to look good for you.


3. ‘I Feel So Proud Of You’

If your man does something good and tries his best to make you feel proud, then you too need to do something to make him feel special. For this, you don't have to do bring gifts or plan a surprise. Instead, you can let him know that you are proud of him and feel happy to see him working so hard. We are sure that after listening to this, he will put more effort into whatever he does. He will find ways to make you proud in whatever he does.


4. ‘You Are Not Like Any Other Guy’

Comparison has never done any good and it will not do any good in this case as well. All of us want to stand out in the crowd and so does your man. So if you find him different than any other guy, then tell the same to him. You can appreciate little things about him that make him unique and you do not find in any other guy. Such as if your guy cooks for you or oil your hair, then you can appreciate them or at least say thank you. He will definitely love to hear that you find him unique and better than any other man out there.


5. ‘I Am Always There For You’

A man would always wish to have his woman by his side in all ups and downs of life. After all, men are humans too and they also need emotional and mental support. He may not say this, but he secretly wishes to have your support during the hard times. He will no doubt feel strong and confident after knowing that you have his back. Whenever you feel that your man is feeling low due to some reasons, then you can speak something good about him to lighten up his mood.


6. ‘Thanks For Being In My Life’

It is always a great idea to express your gratitude for someone who makes your life beautiful. When you express your gratitude for your partner, you tend to strengthen your relationship. This is because it makes your partner feel that you value him/her. So, do the same for your man too. Let him know that you are thankful for whatever he does for you. Unnoticing the efforts of your man can make him feel that you do not value his efforts and love for you.


7. ‘You Make Me Feel So Happy’

When you say things like, ‘you make me happy' or ‘I feel so happy in your presence', this can make your man feel secure and happy. He will come to know that your relationship is quite strong. It is obvious that your man would always try to do things to make you feel happy and special. But make sure you say this line only when you are genuinely happy with your man.


8. ‘I Love You So Much’

Even if you have told him about how truly and deeply you love him, your man will always wish to hear that you love him. He will always be all ears the moment you talk about your love for him. He will do anything to hear those three golden words from you all the time. You can easily see a spark in his eyes whenever you express your love him through your words.


9. ‘You Can Have Fun With Your Friends’

Men love their friends like anything. They always look forward to spending time with their friends. But this doesn't mean that he is trying to avoid you. In fact, he will love it when you allow him to go and have fun with his friends. Instead of making your man feel guilty about spending time with his friends, you can actually encourage him to spend some time with his friends too. This will not only make him happy to have you in his life but will also keep misunderstandings out of your relationship.


10. ‘I Need Your Help’

If you need a helping hand in any particular work, then let your man know about the same. Not seeking his help and thinking that your man should read your mind on his own may create some problems in your relationship. Seeking help from your partner won't make you inferior. In fact, your man will be proud to help you.


11. ‘I Am Sorry For My Mistakes’

If you did something wrong and want to apologise to your man, then do not keep it pending. Just apologise before him. Apologising to your man won't affect your image. In fact, he will always praise you for apologising as it shows that you value your relationship more. Being stubborn and not accepting your flaws and mistakes can harm your relationship in the long run.


13. ‘Last Night, You Were So Amazing’

This is a win-win line and you can never go wrong with this one. When you say this first in the morning to your man, he will be definitely on cloud nine. You may also find him blushing throughout the day and feeling extremely happy. Let him know what you loved the most about intimacy and he will be more than eager to listen to you.

Story first published: Friday, April 3, 2020, 18:31 [IST]